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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day! Last FO Sweater!

Happy Old year. In the last minute the IK Lotus Blossom Tank top (with added sleeves outside pattern) is finished. Maybe I will add a lace row on the sleeves, but with just a few hours before the new year - I declare it finished. So, Sweater a Month KAL get another contribution, but I still have some more to finish 12. I must count. I guess I managed until September? or was it October? I still have some in the 90% bracket to be finished, but not this year.
Anyhow, a great KAL to keep me focused on finishing some sweaters. This was a time-consuming knit, and I used Du Store Alpakka's baby alpacka-silk yarn. It is heavy. Also I added on a bit to make it "my size". Sleeves to hide bingo-wings. They do look uneaven but I guess Im stretching around... it needs a press. Anyhow, In front of the librarys knitting book shelfs, re-organized. Typically vacation ideas.
Well, now we have lit the fire in the "kakelugn" (which is a special stove from the turn of the century). Most people go to parties, (except us, who are just enjoying a quite evening) wear silly hats, drink lots of champange, and toast the new year - with a lot of fireworks. Im glad there has been a bit wet snow in this rather green holiday, so the fire risk is not so bad. Also, I live in a neighbourhood, where it seems like everyone is competing to win the "most expensive and extravagant fireworks" because we just climb to our balcony and look out at the spectacle that lasts for 15-20 minutes where the whole neighbourhood is polluted with cemicals. At least, we are not buying any. I hope they forbid it, it has gone too far. Or an age-limit of 30 something. Well.. other New Years musts in Sweden? We also watch a stupid sketch with "James" and the countess (he pretends to be all 4 guests and the servant, and of course get drunker by the minute) We just saw it "I kill that cat" - said after he "accidently" drinks the vase instead of the glass of port....Tomorrow will be the 2007 chronical - and all new years promises, goals and hopes for 2008! Have a great Happy New Year to all of you!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nostalgia - Bobble Sweater

In Alpacka Sport this old warm and fuzzy sweater is knitted. I promised I should have my blog updated during this holiday, but sorry, holiday got me. Still being sick (time to visit the doctor on the next free day)... with a soar throat and some coughing. Hubby the same way. But we have put some hours every day packinf down our kitchen. Wow, wedding cutlery (IKEA) for 50 persons.... take a lot of room. And it seems like I have collected my entire families heirlooms in the kitchen. Two days ago my Mother-in-law and F-I-L came. Today we have have thrown out the freezer and fridge. And the kitchen is moved to a small "dorm" kitchen at the upper floor (they use to rent it out for students....) Now it is just tearing the rest down ;-) and find some great handy-men. Something difficult in Stockholm-area... now that is another story. Anhow, I have been at Nysta caressing yarn and buying "Simply Noro" with some great patterns. Then - to my surprise - Svensk Hemslöjd (on Sveavägen) in Stockholm had new yarn "Värmländskt skogsfår" = Wermlandskt Forest sheep - in brown. One spun thread. Had to buy some just for the nostaliga. And I found a new great book called "BINGE" that was released from Hallands hemslöjdsförening. A good piece of Swedish heritage knitting patterns and some new. Featuring BM Christoffersson (a knitting guru of Sweden) and Kersti (from Halland!). A must buy. Anyhow this was two days ago. Today all of us went out in the RAIN (global warming) to Old town, and visted Ann-Torps väv. Filled with great yarn as usual and much handdied silk. She is just great. I rummage in the Noro shelfs, and found Kuyeron 150 (which had great colours) but - I did not buy anything. But she and her yarnshop is just great as always. Well. And - now Im doing the second sleeve ont he Lotus Blossom Tank top (that should not have sleeves I know - but Bingo-wings.... I still laugh to myself saying that... ) Anyhow- Reason for too much talk and too little picture is - I have the photo converter at the other computer. And I just noticed - this is filling up my quota in a second... ahh work work work. Take care!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas - God Jul!

Merry Christmas from Garngamen!
God Jul! Im still working on the sleeves, and planning new great things ahead. Belly full of Gingerbread (pepparkakor). And Swedish people (of my age group) have this "stupid" kids memory to watch Donald Duck and his friends at 15.00. It is definitely Christmas now. Hubby and I have shared a real HUG. The best present there is. Free, enviromentally friendly and fulfilling. So, HUG to you out there! Im just blogging my heart out at Ravelry... and Garngamen also have joined (reluctantly) Flickr... where you can find some pictures of FO's and other knits. Share your love! Hugs and kisses all my friends.
Enjoy your holidays....

Friday, December 21, 2007

RS virus, Ripping....and weird pic's

Tne likeness of me and a kid playing with his new toy is high. Almost as high as the count of RS-virus in my body... (a really nasty flue) that hit both me and hubby. Still home coughing. But - I did it. I did it. I did it! It has sunk in. And I feel like already got my gifts. 4 bottles of Champange. OMG.
So, do the best of the situation being sick. I have frogged the waist of Skogsmörkret, which needed a longer body, and tighter stretch ending. I have watch the episod of Star Trek I have always wondered about, how they got away from the Borg's. It was a part 2 I have missed - I feel complete. I have also jammed awayknitting on my IK Lotus Blossom tank, and are soon hitting the neck, to turn "downwards" in the front. And Im pacing the yarn-room for a new quick good night project. I still need 4 more sweaters finished for this years KAL major. Instead, Im putting all machine-knitted pieces together, and that takes a lot of time. And Im sleeping, like sleeping beauty. Exhausted. Happy, and rather exited about life in general. Well, one opportunity goes, another one comes. Thanks Gail, yes, I do get reviewers comments. All fair. So, it is not hopeless at all. The paper will be "reshaped". But now, 16 wonderful days of leasure. All travel is booked out, so we are staying at home in "recharge"-mode. So - this blog will be alive at Christmas. I will definitely try to take a lot of Pics of WIPs, UFO's and FO's never shown. And maybe some house renovation pictures. Have a great evening! Hugs (all virus free ;-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Technologie Licentiate...

A fantastic day! Great party, and all went well. People are so nice to me. Great day, and great view from the resturant at that top of the high-rise (floor 23). Now, exhasuted, and still with a cold....I have landed. Big celebrations are a almost unreal - It is so intense! And my dear brother, and dear cousin, and monther, and aunt and of course, and my beloved husband (also sick) but a trouper, who dragged refreshments and nibbles to get everyone feel fab, (including me). Well - now it is time to "take care of the rest of my life". It has just started. And the first thing I saw was that my latest paper got rejected. Ups and downs. Life in a nutshell. Well, get well is high on the list. Then we will see. Like the two-end knitted mitten with embroyderi?
I have no recollection from where I have spotted it. But I think either Norway or a museum...(Dalarna?). Take care.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No, not a knot. Attjo! Prosit!

In the reflection. No, it is not my neckless. Wow, suddenly I get some great comments. You are out there. Wow, how many smart and interesting people the world is filled with. I wish you could teach me some trick to stay healthy. Im sick - AGAIN! influenza? just a bad cold? Well, the raking of the garden made my "bingo-wings" hihi, collaps the last lymphatic defence in the "Matrix invasion" of bugs into my system. I have been sick. Being VERY careful not to end up at the hospital this time, this cold bare all the same signs as the last springs bad one. My head is like a KNOT, and when I cough I get strings of beads (hmmm, not really) from my lungs. All muscles are sore. And Im just amazed I still can breath ok. Asthma makes me stay up all night and blog. No, I cannot say Im nervous for my Lic. It is more that I "relax" now.... and it all comes. I hope I get well enough to enjoy all the champange we bought. And that I can taste the great dinner. I just must get well, so I drink tea, water, Kan-Jang, echuinqa forte, lost of vitamine C, and hope for miracles. Meanwhile, I have finished the front on the Lotus Blossom tank, and are making good progress on the back. What a great pattern. I was just focussing on the lace, and missed the clever shoulders. (IK Knits summer 2006). Surprisingly fun pattern. Kudos to Shoji for making it. I have decided only salt water and a long vacation can cure this cold in the deap. Instead we are going to wrip the kitchen to renovation mode. That is LONG overdue. Both will make be (sorry, me) healthy. Well. So you know any house cures that clear sinusis, make a hurting cough better? (sorry, I do not drink Whiskey).. If I go to a doctor, I would only get pills, and then - forget champange! Hmm. Think healthy. Eat healthy. Sleep. I would love to sleep. Im sure you did not notice the "knot" in the front of my Good night quick knit sweater (maybe quick knot?) But I know it is there. So on Monday. Dear brother, dear mother will come. I must get well, so they do not get sick! Mom and I always seem to share flues. Then Tuesday it is. The big day. How fun. Maybe Lotus Blossom tank is ready? (with 20 thick sweaters on top....;-) Then the other half to reach my PhD will be a much healthier journey. Much more knitting and relaxing (and exercise). Must learn how to knit and walk, as they did in the old days. Again take care, and avoid Matrix invasions ;-) Pattern in black and white is a traditional Halland pattern in grey and black instead of blue and read. Great for the machine knitting.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

FO- Goodnight Quick Knit Sweater

With a fresh Caffe Latte my "Good Night" Sweater, a real quick knit is finished. The yarn was not enough for a collar, but every night this knit has helped me relax enough to go sleep in one of the more work-intense autumns in my history. 6 megere days of relaxing in total for 5 months.... But, I feel good anyhow. My Technological Licentiate is in the print, half way to my PhD! TO be really honest, the snow melted, and we went out and raked the leafs on the lawn (six apple trees, 3 pear trees and 2 Cherries leave a lot of leafs)... and my arms are hurting so bad it is hard to type. Well, I have not invested in my health this fall. it is time to start with some work-out, one hour raking and I have spagetti arms, that is ridiculus. I thought knitting make you strong, but I realize it is the hand muscles. well, 8 balls of Point 5 in 131 Ichia colour from Colinette. Bought at Fantasy at a sale, a LYS in Arvika (where I always shop when Im visiting mother and father in law). What is strange is that for some strange reason I cannot get back to Wildapple. Im now knitting away on the IK Lotus Bloom Tank top By Shoji. I knit in the wonderful Du Store Alpakka yarn Baby-Alpacka and Silk, and it just feels great. Thinking about doing some sleeve. But if I keep raking those flabby arms would improve. Ha. I just notice the sweater looks slanted, but it is just me throwing it on to a freezing hubby taking pic's. Ok, Im at least on September on my Sweater a Month KAL. Again, a bit behind, but hey, 3 more before 31st of December should not be impossible. At least Wild-apple and Grey sweater should be finished... and the Lotus would make it 3... Hmm, the Shinano is rotting on resting... Should I rip the sleeves? or go Crazy?.. My artzy sweater? It will take a LONG time.. My big heavy Kochoran (remember?) you suggested to add more collar. Here is the collar addition, but, Im still thinking If I should add even more! Compare from last (see here) I cannot see much difference in the pic, but it is almost one more ball at the neck. Still have one more Ball. Alternativs are lengthening in the back (it IS front heavy, and a but uneven...) or pockets...... Decisions, decisions. Take care out there, and THANK YOU for all nice comments. you faithfull and new Garngamen blog visitors. Love to you!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Goodnight Sweater in progress and more!

So my litentiate thesis are almost ready for printing, just the ISBN number... It is amazing. Anyhow, I have finished the sleeves, and now I have started on the body. Two nights and two balls of yarn. Amazing. That is why I called it "Good Night Sweater" One ball of Colinette Point Five, and I sleep like a baby. But, you might wonder WHY? What happened to the Bohus Wildapple... It had a temporary move to the yarn-room, and I just wanted to AGAIN get a quick knit done. Get rid of "bulky yarn" to create space in my yarn-room. This is Colinette Point 5, and knitting a sweater is on 15 mm needles. Fast as a wind. Picture with flash (big) small withour flash! Anyhow, should have something ready maybe to the weekend? Anyhow, it is just plain and simple, mindless - ZEN knitting. Anyhow, I just discovered TWO "christmas calender knits". One within Sticka, assuming some yarn (Alaska) which I do not have, and Im not sure I have Yabba is similar..., instead of needle and yarn from stash... And only for members....The second one is the very creative Johanna that blogs every day (already on day 3...) but free - AND in english. This one is great! This totally ruins any hope of soft cuddly presents for christmas. Sigh!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st of advent.. Christmas present panic!

Not only is it time to drag the candles forward, it is also time to dink some glögg (mulled wine) and have gingerbread cookies. One more thing - it is time to panik about knitted christmas presents. I have heard the jacuzzi hat was snached by the you teenage kid, and used all the time. Thats good. It is apprechiated. But I have a long list. And I have not even started. Im stuck with my knitting. But, I guess, I should really stop the stress. This christmas is all about relax and enjoy. This little Santa is from Budapest.
Reminds me I both have a Christmas sweater in the plan and a islandic lopi! But presents.... hmmm...take care out there!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Budapest yarn hunt part 2

As claimed in my last posting, Budapest - great, yarnhunt not that thrilling. But I must admit, that this exhibition was very thrilling. I had no idea his paintings were so vibrant. Kadinsky and Klee are in my mind way more exiting than Picasso (at least in this exhibit) which showed sketches that I can find on the any auction house from him. So... Also some fun Arp sculpture. But the work "from a rainy day" was so great... And I just wish my fantastic brother - who I think is definitely in the same realm as Hundretwasser got to design some cool houses....We are after all the children of two architects...and I still think the Pierre Cardin house on the frensh riviera is something for me. Round rooms. Maybe I was a hobbit in an earlier life. Anyhow, sorry for flipping, but this blog has got to have some vibe. This should be my TIFO as we say in Sweden (P1 radio isnot bad!) Budapest. yeah, already a memory far away. So yarnshop on Ulloi (very little yarn) next to it is a beadshop. And opposite the street (cross carefully) is also a beadshop. I guess this is not the most exiting pics, but I really had just luck running in to these. A local would have known, but I guess work was so busy I didn't want to pressure them into finding something. But I will be back. And yeah, it was not this snowy, but their ice-skating was already there. And immideately I thought of "great knits on ice". That could be is so great. More weird is that I got VK knits AGAIN today. A month later. They have absolutely no check. I did not get one (had to buy them all in "loose numbers") and now I get twice..I have become the worst bloggar. The reason is obvious. I joined Ravelry.
Great fun. Now I finally getting my projects in order. And I have just begun getting my stash there.... what fun. Knitters mainiac.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Budapest - Yarn - and progress on UFO revived (1)

Budapest, great vacation and bad yarn! The Donahue is slowly passing the castle, and in the "blue hour" we had wonderful long walks in the rain-misted city. Anyhow, the yarnchase were particularly "bad". Try google "yarn" and "Budapest", you see what I mean ;-) Oh, yes there exists some brave souls, but I must admit, Im a yarn "conosseaur", so it got to have some thrill. Somehow, big acrylic balls, or "plastic glittery" eye-lash yarn does do it for me. Bead shopping looked great though. Anyhow, this one Buberék, is on just one parallell street up the shopping street. Going from square towards the Market (but do not cross under the big street). Take left and then right. Should be there on your right (if remember right). Well, I brought with me an old UFO, my grey Jaeger Aran sweater, that I have knitted TWICE (since the first was according to pattern, and Im not build according to any Rowan/jaeger pattern). Yes they have gotten better now.. which I used a pattern as suggestion for cast-on. The pattern is my own. I just invented this long cables to make my figure a bit elongated. The problem (why it became an UFO) was that I did not know how to finish it in the front. So suddenly I just did it. It is , supposed to have sleeves, and I definitely have yarn for it (still haven not ripped the small size) and Im contenplating either knitting them from shoulder down or both back and forth at the same time. Im rather pleased, and it was great to have under the jacket. Here Im posing outside the Museum of Applied Arts on the road Ulloi, which actually have some yarnshops (and bead shops) not long from museum towards city (on both sides of the road).. Applied Arts showed a textile exhibition, that had only one (!) knitted sweater, and not as exiting as I would expect. Some few things were good. Most were "what should I do with this sample". The great exhibition was Art noveau glass, both Tiffany, but most my favourite Ernst Gallei (hmm, sorry if i spelled that wrong)... with his fantastic flowers, beetles and snails on leafs, landscapes and this glass in great colours. Why do they not do this anymore? It is a class of its own. Much more exiting than most glassworks of today. I guess people do not have skill or patience. In addition there was Kelim's (if you are not an expert, it is just rug's) and ceramics from the 1600 which was somewhat exiting. Anyhow, more on Budapest soon.

PS. How did I do Domino? Just as normal squares. A square is simple. Cast on an uneven number of stiches. purl back. knit and the middle three together (I think it is ssk2tog and slip the slipped back over) knit and always end with purl, and first stich is lift knitwise. Purl back not together) the on knit side, make 3tog, etc...automatically you end up with the last only stitch. pull thread through. The trick is to always cast on the same, and then pick up from the next squares one side, have a middle free, and then pick up the next from anothre square. You will figure it out.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

FO- Domino Summer Top!

It is done. Domino-knitting, my own freehand pattern. It is knitted in soft Blue Sky cotton (thick) bought in London. And it is my August (!) Sweater a Month KAL entry. Ok, a bit behind. But that is life. Two buttons to fasten it. This is the "tight" version, with the crossed straps in the back. The "loose" version would really be hot Ibiza-look. Conclusion. Took too long to do, and a lot of loose ends to fasten, and I suggest Domino is better knitted in thinner yarn, and in wool, so the ends are more easily disguised. But ok. It was an experiment. And it will be nice for the hot days. Anyhow, here are rather horrid pics of me with the two different back strapping. Anyhow, it I must admit it feels nice to think that there is weather to wear this, when it is snow outside. Ok, time to finish some more sweaters. Should not be impossible to fulfill the goal. Just a nice long christmas holiday will do it ;-) Take care... and commets are always inspiring. Hint hint....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Bohus..and knitting chats

It is soft, cuddly and waiting to get done, The Bohus Wildapple is slowly growing on the needles. But some nights I have worked myself so late it is hard to get to sleep, then I dig into my "good night" knitting. I have finally finished August summer top in Domino squares. Well, I was not overly happy about the cutting, but the thick cotton was a soft delight to knit in (Blue Sky). Finishing immediately made me start a "quick-knit" in my secret desire to get rid of all bulky yarn. This is Point 5 from Colinette and Im almost done with the sleeves. Makes me tired for bed and is a good extra to the very thin needle Bohus. Next week and weekend is Budapest. Interesting, that the first thing you think about is "what knit I should bring" that works on the plane! Bulky - is .... to bulky. And thin needles are "weapons"... so wooden needles mid size. Anything I can finish? Hmmm...Also thinking about another Quick-knit in semi-bulky, the Maya yarn - and a west. I have started to like wests. Which is interesting turn of taste. Very practical at work, when you need the business suit on the west is easily snuch unterneath!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bohus Progress and ART

The Backside says it all. Knitting Bohus is a demaning task. Great, but demanding. I love it!
Now the collar is done. Up to 4 colours in the row. It is great, but now I have to wind another ball of the base colour. We had a great sunday. Going to the very Jugend (Art Noveaux) "Centralbadet" and did a good swim, some steam sauna, and wow, you feel tired and fresh. I sent of the latest version of my thesis, and after the usual home duties, washing, cleaning, eating...I look forward to knit until I drop. Mom loved the two bags of yarn I donated to her knitting group in Dalarna. Anyhow, mom-in-law have been heroic and knitted one teen-age sweater for the Latvian kids. Mom says it is beautiful. I have no doubt. Hope I can get a picture. Anyhow, I just have to brag about the great fantastic picture I got from my brother, the fantastic artist Johan Mauritzson. Look at it. It is like he knew I was knitting a wildapple. They match. I do not want to spoil all the Bohus fun, but I have of course some other great pic's coming. This is eye-candy for this week. Next week Im going to Budapest (and missing a Baptism).. always interesting. And celebrating the new year in New York? When does the after christmas sale start? Or do not US have them? Hmm... anyhow, around 2 of January..OOpps....Now it is BOND, James BOND on Telly. Solong...Have a great knitting week.

Trollhättan - The Swedish Trollywood!

Trollywood... they do have stars on the main streets. A week of international conference. Up as a sun, and down as a pancake. Overall, I met a bunch of interesting persons, but on Friday I became too tired and sad of not sleeping and not enough knitting. So I worked hard on the short-rows of the Bohus Wildapple, collar is done, and now it goes faster. Anyhow, Trollywood have a nice little yarnshop called Stick-in. Nice people, and a normal Swedish variety with a twist. Too much large 100% acrylic to get me going, but hey... I have a great knit. Anyhow, I must agree with "When the tough gets going, the tough gets Knitting" my dear friend H. The New Regia Kaffe Fasset sock-yarn is great. I bought 2 balls today at Wincent. And also the Marie Wallin great Rowan pattern book Kidsilk Dream. Well, not really patterns I NEED, but they pictures were great, really inspirational. Anyhow, Im now healthy again. And ready to start my new healthy life. I have booked my Technological Licenciate Degree date to 18 of December. In Sweden this is the degee between a Masters and a PhD. .Im so exited. Im actually moving forward. All this hard work is start to paying off. But I carry a huge guilt. Not only am I 4 sweaters behind in my "sweater a month KAL" but also, Im not knitting the shawl for may aunt either, or not fast knits to the children in Lithuania. Feeling selfish. But the Bohus is the most seductive knitting. It is so soft, so rewarding. It just feels like DREAM. Anyhow, I must get into serious exercise. Might have to visit New York very soon, to get a private Pilates lesson ;-) I miss you out there!... I have at least signed up for Ravelry...so we will se what happends. Anyhow..... It is really vacation planning. Im definitely absolutely coming to US next year. In fact, Im planning a bit lengthier research trip, and also attending conferences.... Time to enjoy the dollar! it was almost double to the Swedish crown the last time I visited so....Again, take care! Here planning is happening.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

First Snow! Wildapple progress!

Here the first snow falled tonight - while I was upp working on the last rows of the collar to the Bohus Wildapple. Im om 65 and it is 71 rows before "motorway knitting" begins. Hubby through one row took 5 minutes, but more than 450 stiches, and 2-4 colours, definitely takes 30-40 minutes, depending on how concentrated I am. Im explaining it is more about knitting beautiful, than fast. All stiches should be just the right tension, and the floatings on the back should be just right to create elasticity, but not become to loose. But you know this of course.
I have packed two big plastic bags of yarn for mom and her knitting cafe. And again Im making a plead to knit warm sweaters for a Latvian day-care center for Youths (10-15 years). Mom want to give them all a sweater for Christmas. I should get into Christmas knitting. But the apple is so beautiful. Need to start Violas Birch - shawl.

Friday, November 02, 2007

ECF for All Saints Night!

Oh summertime. I still cherish the memory.
It is from Gotland. And at all saints night, you should remember the dead. I dedicate this to three really close persons that past away. My father, the story-teller. The architect, the card gamlbler, that loved his dog Felix. And Alf, my uncle, that helped me more in life than anyone can believe - he saved me. The Gestalt guru, the angel, the giver. Gotland is your place. For you- peace. And finally my friend Johan. The silver miner, the trivial pursuit winner, the guitar-player, the fun and safe man. The Tolkien-fan. I miss you. And it is so great to cry. The best cleaning in the world for the soul. Bless you all out there! This is life.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is the collection of 6 beanies.. Multi-size, soft and cozy, and in many colours. Mostly Colinette one zero, but two others yarns as well. Lets look at them one by one! (the ones you have not seen!) The bright blue Jay to the right. My happy colour! If was a fun knit, such a quick knit. Not more than one and a half hour. How exiting. It regained my knitting spirit. I just found my Maya yarn. Thick and in beautiful colours. Anyhow, it is just exiting, to knit - and Im drowned in the Bohus Wildapple. Great progress. It is slow with four colours and more than 450 stiches... but ahh so beautiful. Anyhow, back to the head-pieces! They all have a hole in the tip, to hang up next to the jacuzzi. Soft to fit snuggly to my bald boss ;-)
And this. with the brown blob. Together with the ladylike pink. It looks good Nice multicolour. Looks great on.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scrubs- and Gothenburg - Strikk

Strikk has moved location in Gothenburg, of course I did not know. But the shop now looks and feels like Uldstedet in Copenhagen. Anyhow, they have a range of Twinny, unfortunatly not the angora mix variant, but what a goodie yarn-shop. Not only did I find the last Noro Koshoran that I have "half a sweater" in. They were filled of new interesting brands, and of course a whole lot of old brands in new colours. What I really liked is the display. Also a yarnshop who has all "sizes" of yarn, chunky, aran and super thin. Especially I like the very handspun alpacka in natural greys. Fat and felt (ha) great. Anyhow. A very pleasurable visit, lot of people and nice personnel. Great for you. Gothenburg is knitting. And the buttons I found is a perfect match. Also got som really weird feathers. Will be a great bag. Im sure it is already out of fashion, but so what. It should be fun anyhow. So, all that yarn on the counter is MINE ;-) and the feathers..... Surprisingly , they were rather cheap. These cellar shops are just hugging. And look at those shelfs. Yummie yummie....This was the "exotic" shelf, I assumed the most "plastic" sorry, acrylic one.... Anne Blatt is still good. You can spot the färgkraft hand coloured (from swedish sheep) hank in the great colour Soy latte (or maybe Caffe latte)... She is so clever with her yarn names Margret.
A happy visit. After that, hemslöjden felt really boring. Very exiting embroyderiy pillows, but no, not the pleasure of squeezing these little dumplings. Anyhow, I had some good hours on the apple last night. Now it is time to sink in to the old re-runs of Scrubs. So good. And breakfast with hubby. Better than any hotel ;-) Take care out there.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally fri-day!

What IS that - a hat? Im back into knit-frenzy! I have bought the most wonderful yarn from Nysta, and are producing the Jacuzzi-caps for my boss. Since I really, really really (do NOT repeat now) want to go at the apple again. So I did a BLUE and a fall-coulur. Both these were the the two last in the series. Anyhow, Im not only a flying I have taken the train. Do-desk-kaden, do-desk-jaden (a japanese movie that made an impression)... well, This was just a short train-trip to Gothenburg this week.On the train I knitted this multi-size beanie-like thing. Outside the fall showed its best matching colour. A beautiful day, full of hope. Actually this conference was ok. I did my presenation, and got a lot of serious advice on my research. And I found some new collegues. Anyhow, what was best was I could help some other persons with their. Well. I also met an old friend at the tram. He recognized me. I really did not initially. But old brainwaves jogged me into realizations. Anyhow, I found Linked-in. I have heard the sell the information to recruiters. So. Who knows. Is it good? It is great fun. I found some other old friends I have not spoken with for years. Feels great to get back in contact. Of course, the problem is Im starting to doubt blogger. Do they also sell the information? Are all pictures here automatically someone elses? Hmm. I stay out of face-book, they keep copyright. Well. Im sure not many got the Swedish pun.
I actually thing FRI-day is a Viking invention, because FRI means FREE in Swedish! ;-) And I sure feel free for a very very long time. Now it is time to take care of me for a while. Of course I ended up with some infection again, but, hey no wonder. Now it is wonderful weekend. Snuggle with hubby. Water my Hoya's, eat some good food, get exercise - AND KNIT! Do another Apple. Well, you know, this weekend will be just filled we life. Maybe some great knitting pictures of my Gothenburg trip. And Now you have seen 2 of 6 Jacuzzi head-pieces. So now I wonder if boss is sneak-peaking on the blog. Shold I wait until I have delivered them? Confess!
Well. Thats life. Silence.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

TIme to get into knitcleaning!

Korea fashion is really great knitting. I like that! Then I browse around my "knit-corner" inspired by Zoe's neat and tidy place and realize that my intestive week-program has a prize. - It is a knitmess. So Not only am I taking on my very warm and great sweater, and having som Stach Enhancement eXperience at a few of the LYS, Im going to clean this mess. Clean on the outside, makes inside better. It is a beautiful day, cold and crisp, and time to pick the last apples... Im conteplating CABELS, it seams like all is now CABLES and fair-isle. Anyhow, Im a bit stuck on order in knit-mess. Finish august summer top (and take a pic)... ok. That would be a first choice. Then Wildapple or Lotus tank top. Now, now it is break for 6 caps! And Im longing for A QUICK KNIT! When I looked through the mess for cap-yarn I realized I had some great Maya yarn. It screamed to me. "knit me.... knit me". And Im packing a big "charity bag" of yarn and posting to my mum! That is strange. I thought I could never part from a thread. Well, Cronicals are hacking on!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hyvää- from Korea to Finland...

Knitted pants? And a top in black jeans? The latest Korea fashion, would have been nice now, when the fall sweaps in like a frosty hug over the fantastic leafs. It is dark, and only in the sky I see the sun. I have had a strange experience this week. One of my blind spots in life is when people are mean, I mean, really deliberate sadistic to me over a long period. This time I just started to cry. Then I finally saw what was happening, and I just feel so sorry for that poor person that must attack me so personally. Anyhow, from a magic corner I re-gained my strength, honestly proud for being able to clarify the situation. Re-strenghtened I prepared my course and now I have worked two full day and nights. Anyhow Nights rhyms with tights. And I really had success. so Im a happy person again. This is life. Ups and downs. I wonder why I have not knitted any thights to myself. I must. No pics from Finland, but definitely you need a cute little Robot from Robotshop Robot & Robot in Korea. I need to un-Robot myself. Tomorrow is YARNSHOPPING. Im going to do 6 caps for boss. He is bald and he complains of the frosty winds when snuggling in his Jacuzzi. Take care!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seuol, Bohus and IK Lotus Tank top...

So last weekend Bohus had some progress. But again another research paper is done. Fingers occupited. Sigh,.. and my nose is still dripping. Do not feel sorry for me. It is just inner crying. Crying that I cannot knit enough (or fix my home, and kiss my hubby enough). Anyhow, I do not balance. Im 100% all the time everywhere until I get sick, and if people are unfriendly I get sad.... Better to cry, when getting hurt. Anyhow, deer Bohus is on steel needles and watch out for row 21 (was it?) I have reknitted it 3 times. First I counted 6, then I counted 5, third time right, it is 6 then 5 then 6..... hmm. Need glasses ON. Not just HAVE them. Anyhow, how much I longed for taking it with me the Wildapple is not the knit to sneak through airport-radar on steel needles. So, instead I took my very flyable bamboo-travel-knit-will-last-forever IK knit Lotus Blossom Tank. Im knitting it in Babyalpacka and Silk from Du Store Alpakka in seagreen-blue. It is becoming heavy, and it is slow knitting. One section of the lotus lace pattern for a trip to China, one back, one to Seuol and one back, and then I just had one more, so I have been in knitting-coma. Now Im off the lace pattern and on to "motorway knitting"...Great companion on the plane. I have of course plans to use all yarn and make some sleeves to it, instead of a bear top. Im living in Sweden, not California. Already frost and geraniums and Dahlias have to go inside for winter sleep. And I wish I was at Stiches meeting you! Next year. I promise, next year.... But I will definitely get to US first. That is a plan. Anyhow, Seuol. What can I say about that wonderful summery, clean and fantasticly interesting place. I mix of China, Japan well, you base judgement on earlier experiences. Korea was great. Clean, polite, lost of fun stuff. And I was at the COEX hotel, conference and definitely had one evening at the mall. And By painting needles and yarn ball on a piece of paper, I succeeded to explain the the girls in the book shop that I was looking for THIS: What a treasure. Do not understand a word, but great pics. Very lacy, very fashion, and a lot of weird and fun stuff. I settled for these three. Unfortunately I had so much work, so much Jet-lag (7 hours from Sweden) that I was awake weird night time again. So it was early to bed and not too much chasing yarn in the only evening I had. Anyhow, It was a short trip 2 working days, I spoke, I got offered a job (always good for confidence), and I have a looong meeting. It feels great to be back. And VK is really calling itself VK. That is weird. But a great new number. The S*rmore cardi looked great. But what now. Finish domino-knit (not more than one hour, but that is a COLD top! Or Motorway the Lotus to finish. Or back to Bohus? This week is a trip to Jorvas, Finland. And I know some yarnshops in Helsinki, but usually it is work to 5, so no time for yarnshopping. And, Im trying to cut down. I do have a filled yarn-room. Anyhow, Mom is doing a "Save the Children" knit-cafe (she IS amazing) to try and knit sweaters (and caps and mittens) for christmas presents to all children at Day-care center (9-13 year olds, very skinny) in Lithuania. So I better help her. At least a few should be possible. Warm, soft and happy colours is the order. So, time to stop the shelfish knits for awhile. Christmas is coming fast. And I also promised a Birch shawl for my Aunt - in Blue. Time to start NOW! But I want to do my Sweater a month KAL". So it is getting stressful. Time to knit some more. Hugs out there! Im fine! Sick, but great. I can be such a martyr sometimes. It is hereditary ;-) But it is great to get some sympathy... even martyrs need it ;-)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spinning, sockknitting...

Hi there! Sorry for being away, I did try to blog last weekend, but it all crasched on me. Working to much ;-) I actually picked up the spinning wheel and spun the last yarn, that quickly knitted the rest of the socks. I wear them, they are soft and comfortable. Of course all inspired by Interweave "Spin-off" magazine, who had a sock number. So, no, Im not resigning anything. Im a fighter. I worked on my paper until 2 in the morning every day. Anyhow, my birthday was nice, Hubby did breakfast so early, since I was off on the train to Linköping. An my collegues actually put a light in the choclate cake for me on the team evening dinner. Then, after all this wine, I still worked at my paper until 2. So, no wonder that two days later (wednesday) I was sick.. But a week in the hotel, speaking publicly so many times I forgot.... I cancelled the 25 year jubilee with my Masters University place. Rather depressing. That could have been fun. Anyhow, Im now pounding on "the next" science paper. Working like a dog. Work myself into a success. Anhow, Im tagged (Thank you dear Purl happenings) about 7 truths about me. Hmm. Easy!

  1. I have a cold right now!
  2. Im in love with nature - what a gift of comfort! A stroll in the garden. Treehugger!
  3. Im amazed with fiber can produce a wonderful warm piece of art to wear!
  4. I got to go to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton... Im such a Tolkien fan.
  5. Im a traveller because I love coming home. But I do not like to travel alone. I wish Hubby was around always.
  6. Im so on love with my Husband, and I find it hilarious he shares his first name with Dr. Cox in Scrubs (that we always watch as re-runs on saturday mornings) (who he is not at all alike, much more J.D) ok- truth - I watch way to much TV since I work and knit in front of it. Couch potato.
  7. I coughed so bad last nite I kept him up, and now I want his very special Caffe Latte with cinnamon and cardemum on the top, why can he not wake up?

Sorry for being SUCH a boring blogger. I hope to get some good new pictures on the Bohus Wildapple. I actually knitted on some centimiters. But it is like great choclate. I want to gulp it down, but it taste better in small pieces over time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks folks! Im Back to black!

With Amy Winehouse from the speakers, Im sure in a NONONONO place and definitely BACK TO BLACK. I Guess the smooth warmth southern wind, in great weather, no time to live (read Knit) and too much work - takes the best of me. Im about to resign today.
Anyhow, thanks for the great comments! You are so encouraging. On request - My brother: Johan Mauritzson is exhibiting in Sundsvalls Museum- Last weekend now!! Read articles (in Swedish) but pics too: Here and here. Im super proud of him. He would do smashing if someone really just took seconds to have a look. He should be a Hollewood star hit.... Oh.. dream on.. Hazy bugs.. that is my life. Wish i had knitted it... I guess it is not too late.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some reflections in the night...

I missed ECF... but finally I feel alive again. I have been frustrated with my research - more or less bombarded by musts, which incapacitate any creative (sorry, scientific) writing. But today after sitting still in isolation for two days, trying to focus on the very long list of expectancies from others, suddenly I just got the flow. And - what really started it was last nights knitting in the very messy yarnroom. The yarn-room with 4 smacked filled book-cases with glass windows, 10 boxes of yarn (still), masses of empty plastic bags from different yarnshops accross the world, and a multitude of WIP's. Anyhow, for some strange reason, I picked up my summer top - you know the one in domino-squares. It is big - no "loose" fit, and of course Im running out of yarn. I refuse to rip it up... it was anyway a "free-form" experimental project, that Im now into saving. What happened is - I solved it. The puzzel of the squares. One of the problems was "under the arms" was a bit to open. I do not like the feel of sneak peak there - or a sweaty arm against the side (you hear I was dreaming of summer in a hot place - maybe vacation somewhere?) But big cotton yarn is great, I just K2tog a few times and now it fits great. The cleavage will be something to show on the beach! and just some extra squares will cover any bulges. It was fun. Im now thinking of straigh straps (saves yarn for lenght) or having the cross in the back for better stay up. Definitely buttoned in front. Maybe two button-holes so I can have the straps both ways. Clever. Exactly like this I rambled on last night. And then I got a phone call today from a co-worker that were picking up a job I did some years ago. I really thought about that job, it was one of three "full time tasks" that year. Anyhow, this was a great success - and my confidence really started to rise, by every word I described the project. I need to say those things to myself. It works! Yes Im clever. Yes what I do is a success. And I also noticed I have been copied by a third party. Husband claimed the best form of flattery is imitation. That also stuck. The anger transformed. I feel I have set an example in many respects. Even the most negative people to knit-blogs have started their own. Im glad Im inspiring. Not only for being so bloody clever and successful. But also that I irritate so many - that they happily can say - they are so much better than me. Both privatly and professionally. Mostly professionally though....They knit better, spell better, read patterns better, present better, are more well known, structured, well just are less messy. Congratulations. You have succeed to beat someone who is fantastic. I do feel great. Now research is just bubbling on the fingertips. Have you stop reading? Read my words: You are also fantastic- A success! Unique, no one like you. And I admire every one of my readers. And then my dear dear brother called. I miss you. It was so nice to hear your voice. Remember to call your near and dear! Ýour brothers and sisters. Oh dear brother. Go and see his exhibition in Sundsvall right now. And buy something! Now, I have a weekend in front of me. And Im on the role. I have also booked my trip to Seoul, South Korea. That will be an amazing trip. Yes my passport start to resemble me. A bit "tattered", but filled with good memories. Like this wrist band from Falun Museum from this summers knit-camp. Hmm.. Will the TOP be my August sweater? Yep - Im already behind. Time to catch up on everything. No, now I will go for my "good night knit" on my way to bed. Have a great weekend.