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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hopes for 2009 - Another year of Sweaters!

What does 2009 hold for me? I hope I will finish a lot of my started knitted projects,and most of all finish my PhD. Renovate the kitchen. Im just great to initiate and start things. My energy is so strong then, but then enduring all to the end. I mean, I think I have so many sweaters that is "almost done". Last year it was the year of the sock. This year (and I think every second year) my goal is do sweaters, finish them, and do that little extra. To conclude this: Finishing, having Closure - THAT must be the most important task for me. Here is the current list of UFO's that I have in my mind to finish....LOL!
Luskentyre (Starmore) - last piece to neck and sleeves´(pic)
Wedding Cardigan (Hisdahl) - Sleeves and brim
Aachen a Bliss hommage Cardi - Sleeves, neck, hood
Freeform Artsy sweater - a lot
Jaeger Grey cable aran - sleeves
One-threaded Färgcraft Brioche Cardi - one front, collar, sleeves
Lopi cardi - make buttonhole rim, collar and pockets
Finish edging on summer cotton sweater, hood? brim on bottom
Bohus Vildäpple - sleeves and body (picture)
Bohus Yellow Lace collar - most of it (just frogged)
Bohus Skogsmörkret (I have frogged and will reknit half body for a more slim fit)
Bottle green cardi for hubby (sleeves, neck, assembly)
Two-end knitted cardi - most left to do
Speede remake (finish edging and embroydery)
Machine-knitted cardi - finishing, edges, buttons etc
Studio 9 Long - figure out the wondeful Hanne Falkenberg pattern for short to long. Most to knit.
Inditop for Pinkoctober top half, sleeves
Birch inspired -Lacey Eindhoven kid-silk sweater top half sleeves
Spin my spinexperiment jacket -most..(pic)
My Ishager "newspaper" sweater - most to do
Noro cardi Half top, pockets etc, are sleeves too tight?
Shinano good morning cardi (body, should I rip the sleeves?)
Snuggly pullover
CatnRat sweater (see first picture!)
Bergå sweater (top of both sleeves, assembly)

Two end knitted short socks. (done half of one)
Home-spun hair-socks

Latvian in Alpaca (done one cuff) (picture)
Latvian no 19 (one to go) /pic below)
Embroidery on Håndplagg mitten
Two end knitted mittens (both cuffs done)
Gotland lace mitten (one done, one to go)

Märta-Stina bag
Stickling Cuffs in kid-silk
Second shoe
Scarf "Lägga hank..."
Chinese vest - quick...

Yeah - it is fun to knit! And finish!
I guess I do not need to start new stuff, but starting is fun. When you fall in love with a pattern, it is half done in an instant. On the new list is definitely another Starmore... maybe Strathglass or Rheingold..and another Hisdahl.. the cotton-one is the plan, and maybe the rest of the Lopi... and the Kabuto yarn have yelled to be handled. Another snuggly sweater? Hmmmm... I must knit those socks ....and... Ahh.. great to have choices! I love lists and plans. Happy new year to you too!