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Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Colour choice panic to a fantastic gift!

It is obvious my progress of the Poetry of Stiches (Dikt i maskor) is slow. But glass beads in place. Now - here is the catch. Neither of the two planned yarn will be enough (the one on very left or very right) but the middle hank is an angora, that is "almost" as the one on the left.. Instincts tell me that the pattern is busy enough without adding an extra colour. My original plan was darker body, lighter sleeves. but now Im backing out of that (for no good reason).. I wonder how much difference the angora does (and don't you dear say the word swatch). Help, I plead help. I have also thought, maybe this slight turqoise teint is taking the pattern a bit off. Should I go for new light blue? when I looked at it it just feel a bit boring. I do not know why. I like light blue. I guess I have been set so long on this colourscheme, it is a miracle if I would change. I of course went through stash, and somehow the only (!) feasible alternative was lavender lilac... and - no, that is too much of a change. Somehow, I like this combo. Please help me? Meanwhile I can show you some real progress... Jaywalker... come on, I must get started (and finish) the Sticka lace socka before Februarys end. At least I have turned the heal, and made the gusset on one of them, and it feels Im turning the corner to reach the finish. Some good knitting today. It is Kaffe Fasset Regia Line (yarn) if you are curious. This is a great story, and I met the grandson of the founder of Regia (which had a different namen in the 40s in Germany during the war). He was proud, and - he is one of my work collegues. Small world, hey? He also pointed out that the yarn is durable, and this has a 10 year (!) garantuee!
WOW is it stainless steel? no just kidding. But I agree, you can feel it when knitting. Not a knot, and very many tightly spun threads. Yes, Jaywalker is a great pattern, but pattern was not as easy to read around the heel. But I know what the aim was, so I got something...Anyhow, I guess this is not all items Im doing progress on. For example, I have a half hour I spend on my "christmas calender Shawl" from Advent 2006... Im at least finishing day 15... slowly. but getting there. It is long and heavy already. But I have noticed, the very dark green will be super-difficult to get a good picture on - with all details and pattern. Anyhow, it is still intresting enough. My last item here is the Maya vest. I really want to wear it. Im too hot for a big sweater, and too cold with none. This would be perfect. It starts with a simple cross, But Im making it more and more crossing the higher I go.... so - cable me down. The Faboulus fantastic great super gift that arrived is from my friend Sue from Virginia. A great person I met in Ravelry (where I spend too much time in all 115 knitting groups). She had found Starmore's et al's The Scottish collection and sent it to me. It is like the collectible item I have really search for. Im just so happy about it, I almost break out in tears when I think of her generosity. So now Im putting together a big surprise for her. I mean, some things just hit the right spot. What a Valentines gift. Wow. that is all I have to say. Wow. So, now, I really want to knit.... and husband is already out tearing down the kitchen cabinets. Great with sundays!