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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Nort American Westcoast: Yarnshops Seattle (2)

The Seattle Needle from Hotelroom. So, have you checked out google yarn Seattle? My listing said 323 hits in Seattle area. I printed the first 30 yarnshops on a google/knitmap. Ok, I only had time to visit a few, but nevertheless, it makes it a goal to visit suburbia on vacation, so you actually see the city. My first yarnshop was Knittery in Renton (just next to my first hotel in near the Airport). I found the wonderful 87% cotton and 13% wool yarn "Matsuri" from Noro there on Sale (6.95 and tax). And grabbed all blueish..(2A) Wonderfully open on a Saturday until 6, I really like the staff. Then I took my Denise needles and started a garngamen improvised sweater. A quickknit, nothing fancy, the sort you can stare at the american version of antique show on TV and still whip away on your circulars... It turned out to be "the knit" on this vacation, it suited well when driving up to Vancouver and having a rubber neck like a good tourist. Here posing near a lake on the Olympia National park... So. Knittery OK. Then "So Much Yarn" in downtown Seattle, was in a "rough" hood, but a fab, well kept yarnshop. It sure has its supporters, and great staff, as well as wonderfully expensive cashmere and a whole lot of other interesting yarn. For some strange reason (the walk there in the heat?) I just felt hot, and the yarn that I wanted was new great colourway in Kochran (Noro)just made me sweat...soooo I restrained myself. Ok. Stiches we can skip entirely, since they had nearly to no yarn (some wool) but has a lot of fabric. I would not waste my time there. But Tricoter is in my mind a very typical spiffy yarnshop in a great area. Not only did it have a sofa for my hubby outside in the shadow to read his book, but the yarn was colour coordinated. I think for you one colour favourite people, this is great, but I usually browse yarn quality for first selection, then I check colour for that yarn, but an inspiring idea. The staff were unpacking yarn, and the shop filled, but I just did not find almost anything... Ok a hank can always be found of some sockyarn ;-) Also, I had no idea that the americans were so "sock" programmed. Most stores have an entire section just for sock yarn. Anyhow, tired? Im not! Seattle's best is without a doubt Weaving works that I actually visited twice! Definitely the place to find books, fleece and quality yarn. Great owner and staff too. Another real good one - filled with yarn in a great big period house is Spin a Yarn. Definitely worth a visit, with a great rose garden, and sofa for husband on the porch. I liked this one, but again, it was a bit tight - and all the great yarns were on the floor (they had legs) as the store personnel said. I ended up with one odd hank there. Also good for its great variety is Village Yarn and Tea. It had fleece, great yarn selection and a lot of books in a big cool room. Very neat. Both of the above, way out and north of the city. South is that has a huge store Seattle Yarn Gallery with all and more Noro that I really loved. I guess my suitcase was already full at this point (since I visited this the last day)... so no go there, but filled. Definitely a lot of yarn. Finally the cute - and very nice owner with great display (pictures) is the much smaller The Yarn Stash in Burien. No, nothing there either... but a lot of interesting patterns. I just love the knitted Bagles and the Fiber food. Husband also found a real Oz-pie next too it, so he was also happy. Well, what can I say... this displays 2 weeks of hunting. Just wait until I get the yarn out for pictures ;-) And maybe I will treat you with some fantastic photo's of the nature. ok, I will. But this is a knit-blog. I mean, I did a lot of work here and in San Jose as well... and a research conference, so showing all the fun-parts maybe not all accurate.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Report from the North American West Coast (1)

I have been gone for a while. But not any more. How do one explain a yarn, work and vacation adventure without boring the audience? Well going there is easy. Just a little hop Stockholm, Copenhagen, Seattle and some hours wait before reaching San Jose in CA. Silicon Valley - Here Im! It starts with curing the jetlag and itch to see american yarnshops. With a knitmap and a GPS, you cannot go wrong. The first shop had not open yet. The second and third had closed their business (Knitting Arts and. The third- after a yummy Starbucks, was Yarndogs. A medium sized but yammed packed with great expensive luxury yarn. I also got my pink Denise needles. Actually - I spent some hours in that shop. Great area in them hills. Anyhow, I happy with the first big catch, I rushed on to the next shop - thinking (haha) I would not buy anything more...It was the newly opened Green Planet yarn. A big airy store, also with a lot of interesting yarn - and a great owner too. I really like this place, maybe the lace-shawl curtain won me over (great idea!)... so I got some more (yarn). She also spared me a visit of a third closed down store...And boy did they have people signing up for their courses. Then over to The Knit Room. A shop that has been around. Jammed packed with patterns - and knowledge. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant, maybe because this was the first real sale I saw and I assume people have been cleaning the shelfs a bit. But I got some great cotton yarn (of course without thinking how heavy that is...the hot weather... does have an impact). Ok you see two blue, nuances there on the desk.. Really nice folks though. Im sure they could solve any pattern problem. Ok. Long day... Finally, I went down town and visited Commuknity (on the right - interior). Orderly airy and filled with great books and some good yarn and stuff, I thought this would be a great hangout place. But somehow it felt a bit too hip for me. Maybe I was growing tired..My final store visitin San Jose is Purlscence yarn. It was again filled with interesting yarn, people and knitting going on. So, after this, please do not ask me to RATE this yarnshops. I realize it is all about what you are looking for, what kind of person you are, what yarn and colours you like, and if you tick with the people in it. I love them all. Otherwise I must say having breakfast on IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is not healthy. I got maple syrup like a very thick sweater on me now - except it is under the skin. But I started the day with 49 minutes on me and hubby's new toy. Wii fit. Shwosh..... Im back!