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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gran Canaria

A room with a view. The Atlantic, in perfect temperature, a Hotel by the beach, with sunny salty waves rolling in. A cool pool, calm. Too much good food. A great soft knitting experience. Lorna's Lace Lamb and Lion Multi in great colours. Hey, what else could one want for a week? The very empty beaches and a loving family all around. Mom, hubby and his parents. And me and the knitting. Just perfect. Except, yawn... I really got so relaxed I only knitted through a little piece of all that was planned. So, what does a knitter pack for a 5 hour flight (times 2) and 6 full days of leasure? Here you have my personal ambition vs reality: First day - transfer... from cold to paradise! I knitted on the Hydrangea sock all the way down on the flight. Still on heel... fell asleep on the plane..
Day 1. Started ambitiously on the Gran Canaria Pool top in Lorna's lace. Plan: Knit from top down in sneakily elastic (k2, p1) and then k4, p1, Just cast off for arm, and then cast on. Ok, the first 200 yards done in a day (according to plan). Tried it on. Too small. Had to rip half of it out, redo to larger sleeve-hole. Pool is great. Long walks! Here by Bouganville in my Ballerina (Loop-d-Loop) and yes, I do use my knitting ;-) It is so nice, you can see my super pale starts to rouge nicely. Sunscreen. Sunfactor 20.... Oops. missed a spot.

Day 2. Reknitted sleeve-hole and started on new ball ;-) Realize this is crap - too small. Swimmed in sea instead.
Day 3. Started from bottom. New ball (why ripp it, it looks great ;-) knitted half the ball. Added lace - after all - it is Lorna's Lace (hihi)... MMM.. sleeping in the sun makes you dizzy. More seadipping. Great sunbead in the shade. Great service. Ahh. Calamares. Un cerveza, por favore. Nein, we sind nicht Deutch. Danke. Grazie.

Day 4. Finishing one ball. Ahh. Sunshine. Swim. Walks.... Work? Say what? That great resturant again? sure!

Day 5. Half way through second ball. Ahh. Sunshine. Burns, more sunscreen... But what a great pattern a fantastic yarn. Full, soft, and real pool colours. I love it. Lace. Ahh. and hidden elastic. In my size. Yummy!

Day 6. Last day. Really bade that great sea. Wave-machine for real is fab. Ok, I knit a bit....

Day 7 Going home: Finish ball on and start on ball 3 on plane (of 4). Still have not ripped the first attempt.

Day 8. Unpack the following with a sigh. The not finish Gran Canaria top - but could have if I did not mess up the first two days! Now another UFO in my pile. Realizing that the great pic by the pool is not for the public. Hydrangeasock just got a bit knitted. But more: My ambition was: The Dominosocks in Nickerjack yarn for the March Sock Kal. Finish the Hydrangea sock. Start the Birch shawl for Viola and - I also have one great ball of Artyarns in matching colours to the Gran Canaria top, that would have been sleeves..... Im back! But ohhh what a holiday. Get this one! Almost empty beach. Ohh, I forgot. The pool. Since the pic of Mary (the contrary one...;-) I have this image of the pool on my retina. Etsed in. Like this... This is the evening shot. Still warm wind in breezing. The soft cotton cardi is great. It is still warm.. the pool is soft. The colours are fab. Ohh, Lorna Lace - be ready for this. When will we meet again?
But strangely enough, Work was fun today. The bed was softer and nice than in a long time. Without the roaring sea rolling it was so quiet that we heard the first spring birds singing with the early light. And I love my life. So what I didn't knit. There is always time. Captured in a top. The Gran Canaria top is tip-top!