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Friday, January 18, 2008

WIP or Unfinished Object (UFO) list...

Of course it was not 2009.. But I thought it was funny I wrote it wrong, and let it stay... Time goes fast, but not that fast.. still 2008. Am I trying hard to finish all unfinished objects? Hmm...
So I made a list of UFO's.
1. Bohus WildApple, collar is done, now on the short-rows
2. Cardigan (machine-knitted, but really hard to assemble and add brims.) See green bottom picture
3. Noro Silk Garden Cardigan (Rosedale inspiration), sleeves and most of body done!
4. Sleeves for grey Jaeger aran cable sweater
5. Sleeves for Bergå west (but I like the west…Hmmm)
6. Brioche one-thread in Färgkraft (lime and green) still half a front and two sleeves…
7. Märta-stina inspired bag (yarn is so hard I get blisters!)
8. Scarf (christmas calender) about half (from 2006)
9. Wedding Cardigan - fair-isle from Poetry of Stiches (just started... fun and diffucult)
10. Shinano cardigan (yeah,,,should I frog or?)
11. Two-end knitted cardigan, purple Anne-Maj Ling's (simplify...)
12. Speede-sweater (actually 2 of them, one green, one blue) Both are blocking needles!)
13. Bohus Yellow Lace collar -Needs frogging back a bit
14. Latvian mitten -Blue 2 place...one to go
15. Latvian mitten - baby alpacka more than one to go
16. Håndplagg vott (embroydery still…)
17. Hubby bottled green sweater. sleeves…(picture below)
18. Alpacka cap for cousin (!) must make more fun...lots of VM (Vegetable Matter)
19. Two-end knitted mittens (see Pic above)
20. Hydrangea Socks (just started)
21. Re-knit of Bohus Skogsmörkret (just around of waist)
22. And the very recently added Maya Vest (my new good nite knit)
23. And the Monkey socks almost half a sock left and Im working on it like a maniac...
24. Handspun sweater
25. Gotland Fardhem Sweater
26. The Gurnsey (just done the rib.... Still waiting for my decision on pattern
27. The Newspaper sweater variant (Marianne Ishager)
28. Hanne Falkenberg Studio 9 (pattern for short, but I want it long!)
What have I left out? Probably a lot more... At least these are in the box of UFO's. How many are realistic to finish this year? That is a question. Also, the KAL's will definitely force me into a whole bunch of socks and mittens.... so - a Sweater a month, and the socks and mittens. And the Sweater a month will be based on the UFO list? I have also a list of what I call "decided". that means, I have the yarn, I have decided on the pattern, and it is just waiting for me to want it enough to get going. Examples:
29. Enterlac in HV-lime yarn (been planned for years)
30. Kochoran II - Large Cardigan with Red brim
31. DaCapo Hanne Falkenberg
32. Hexagon-sweater by Norah Gaughan
And a whole lot of Bohus....No... this is a bit much. If I do these and can keep up with my KAL's. But we could all call them WIP's insted. Wonderful important Projects (or VIP - VERY IP!) or What I Produce ;-) just kidding...Time to knit some more! Got a pair of socks to finish.