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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hibby and I have washed, scraped, and painted the blue, and the whit is washed, rubbed and waxed. And - I now know why "Wax-on Wax-off" is such a great exercise in Karate-Kid. After this trying to knit is really a fumbling exersize, since my arms are like spagetti, and have no control. But half a sleeve done. And - 1.5 to go. It feels so good to knit again, after (it feels like) a long break. Anyhow, Birches are blooming and eyes are clogging up (allergy)... so it feels great when the rain came tonite. Tomorrow is early - and Im tired (of all medicins). This week - Linköping (tomorrow) and then Dusseldorf (Germany). More work, but some time to knit I hope. You know me by now... I had to throw in some great yarn there. Old, but hey.. We can have a second look at Färgkraft- swedish wool hand-dyed. It is a bit fall colour, but I really want to do something nice with it. Thinking about a Aran - but it might be to busy with the colours and pattern. Or just simple cardi. Just some nice trimmings. Thank you Epstein!