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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ahh, spinning and Wermland women!

I am so impressed by the lovely Wermland Women. I had just arrived home, and in the middle of the night blogged that I'm alright and back. And - Dearest wonderful friend Marianne immediately welcomes me home over the net (see last posting comment!) I just get that mush wolly feeling immediately wanting to blog and give a warm hug back. Ahh. And I just start to do my laundry (it has piled up!) which I do not mind!It does not require much effort, and still you are "doing something". Anyhow, I decided to spin. And, in an brown envelope I really through I give this fleece a try. And, I realize that another of those fantastic wonderful Wermland women, Barbro, actually sent me this fantastic fleece 2 years ago (almost on the date!) And, have I thanked her? Well, not at all in parity of the greatness I feel this fleece has. It is so far the easiest and most fantastic wool I have spun yet. Just the right greese. Of course the sheep have had hay encounters, but it could be worse.
Just look at it carded. Oh, Barbro what sheep is this? I'm in love with this sheep. It has this light brown, dark brown hue, that when carded changed into a much lighter brown. I asked hubby (poor thing has a cold) to take a photo of me "posing" spinning. So you really could see the yarn, but posing also means it is not my "natural" position. Wow, Wonderful wool, Barbro. THANK YOU! What an orgie! You are just so kind and genererous. What great fleece! I'm spinning on "all levels".
I just had to have a short break and blog a bit.
But the result. Doesn't it look great? Well, I'm not finished at all, that overtension of last week was rather exhausting. But, to my great surprise I was elected "Best industrial presenter" of the conference. And that was a tough crowd of experts in my research subject. So I'm proud as a LAMA! (well, have you ever seen this great animals? having there head in the air!) It feels fantastic after so much struggle. So, spinning - what a cleanser of mind. Soft, rich woolsmell, a slight greese on the hands, and it is forming just right there. Your knitting yarn. What a treat. What it should be? Hey, that is next phase. Now spinning is happning. Well, Wermland sheep is like a great memory of my teenage years where I dwelled in Karlstad. And I did marry a Wermland man, just as it says in the traditional swedish song (sortof) except now is more empancipated!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Yarnvulture on hold!

So, Yarnvulture (= Swe: Garngamen) have been working. New job, courses, and a fantastic conference, workshop at Windsor (at The Great Park) Do you see the Queens castle down there?). Met a knitting friend (though we didn't find out until we said goodbye). So, I have carried my knitting with me - and just have had no opportunity. Hey, when there is an english lager in the hand you cannot knit! Airports are crazy. Just did not want to press my luck at Heathrow knitting on the plane either (as I always do).But, it feels so good being back home. With spinning, knitting and my dearest. I have no idea of what is going on, but I'm not leaving the house - that is for sure!
So, updates will come! Hang in there! Meanwhile, enjoy some from my collected yarnstash.