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Friday, June 22, 2007

Noro Kochoran 10 Update - Midsummer! and ECF!

In my Rose Pergola I proudly present the unfinished Noro Kochoran nr 10 Update.
As you see sleeves are done. And I desperately need a collar - since it is WIDE in the neck. And it is short. My Budda Belly sticks out, though in this first picture I cleverly hide that fact. Im so sorry I have not been updating as often as I would like. You see my free time is really sailing, knitting and garden. But this week I put in 14 - 21 (!) workhours a day trying to keep all my committments. Im so thankful for my work, I love what I do. Now an odd task has been putting together an internal conferences and selecting speakers, and Im preparing a course to go to India (Chennai) to teach collegues more about my expertise area. Meanwhile Im at the embassy getting visa, handling mail, planning program, and writing frenetically on my Licenciate thesis (A very Swedish degree- it is "inbetween" the Masters and the PhD). It is like a dress rehearsal for the PhD. I love it. But of course I blog about my hobbies. Right? Anyhow time for some Knitting science! Im having a long conversations with myself on what to do with this Shrug/Cardigan. And I need your help! Some of my options Im contemplating. 1: I have ONE yarnball of the same colour but in IRO (much darker) my plan was to add this on a VERY loose almost large lace/net knit to get length, and then add the colourway (203) of Kureyon who surprisingly is the same colourway (and that I just bough several balls of - and started a separate cardi) - Pro: I use what I have. Con: The 203 could be put to better use in other cardi, and - it might look ridiculus with the dark lace bottom and collar. 2. Accept the fact that this is a HOT and warm cardi - but sneakily and colourblind just go for another Kochoran - I happen to have stocked 4 skeins of in nature beige. That could easily go for a collar and a bottom part. Pro: All Kochoran at use. Con. I just do not like the colour combo - otherwise that would already been done. And that Iro ball is just waiting to get used. 3. Crawl to the altar - and just be a rich bitch and buy the yarn in US (and pay up my nose) - to make it a GREAT sweater. Pro: Obvious. Con- the idea of this Sale yarn is lost, and it a simple and rather boring solution, isn't it? 4. Use the Iro to finish the edge and make a collar - AND GO ON A DIET so Budda belly is not such a eyecatcher. Pro: That was the intention when yarn bought. Con: Im such a computer geek that Im glued to the screen - When will I have time and energy to slim down? Im such a couch potato. Solution? HELP! Being a Libra, I cannot choose this! Also a great trick I learned when I was doing my Therapeut education is: If someone tells you to choose something - you will immediately know if that choice is wrong! My garden is fantastic. This last picture had a good setting, but pinning it together with the needles were not the hot solution.. No, not my house, the next door in background. Im not a fan of tiles. Today is Midsummer Eve. The shortest night in the year in Sweden. Does not get dark until 10 and gets light about 2-2.30. That is SHORT. But a bit cloudy.. still a fantastic time in Sweden- I would call it "the best". We got married on this day many years ago. And Im still happy and in love. Peonies and Clematis competes with the Roses for my attention. Husband - Hubby (australian nick name of husband) got it. And I just feel that summer vacation like Paradise (mening garden!) Only three weeks of work and studies. First Tallin- Estonia next week. Then India Chennai. And then finally London - 9-12 July (ISSTA). Definitely some yarn hunting between lectures and teachings. Unfortunately I will miss the Thursday evening knittinggroup at Liberties in UK.
But I doubt there will be time to reach Stash. Anyhow. Fantastic situation. I must say I have never been so happy in my life. And I have worked for it (and are still working on midsummer)... So, It will be short Saturday updates here for awhile. But On my vacation I will keep you much better posted. And Yeah Zoe- I think the teacup idea is great - It is more about WHEN... now I feel I have to much on my plate to sort it out. Ill swap you. PLEASE dear readers - VOTE on what option you think I should go for - or if you have a new creative idea to solve the Kochoran puzzle. I have contemplated going for a full angora as well. Hmm.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blank - Really blank!

More stressed than ever -dearest husband and I decided to have our premier sailing tour for the year. Furlex on, and off we went to Ladviken. We had no boat in our near sight and it was quiet - and a bit cold. But waking up to the sunshine morning with the sea completly flat was amazing. All stress form work just had disappeared. My hands went immediately to my recently bought Noro Kureyon 203 sweater - which is alike a Rosedale- imitation. (Since I did it form memory - and invented the pattern). Now this is the last week of being home for a long while.
I will just "drop" in to swap suitcase once a week. Anyhow, what will I do with the cashmere? Well I have browsed all my magazines I bought from Phildar and Anne Blatt and found one in the later spring "houte corture" version, and a pullover with a lace pattern. I just glanced at the angora last nite and thought It would really spiff-up the camel yarn with just some few lines. Anyhow, the Anne Blatt mag had a great knitted jacket that looked like weaving - that I fell for, so that might be something. That jacket used a variety of yarn qualities to make texture. I must say that the french sure know their textiles and fashion. Great inspiration. Isnt hubby cute when he does the boat-dishes? We got sunburn on the way back yesterday meeting all boats on the way out. Today we knew we planned right - since the rain is pouring down. It is so nice to wake up at home. And - both sleeves knitted - and almost 15 cm on the cardi from the bottom. Thinking raglan. We will see. Yarn tells.
And now, when Im home I can browse Rosedale at Knitty.