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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Angora-dreamings 2012

It is true: The Doctor is dreaming dreams of angora bunnies and soft fluffy clouds. I wish so much for this year. So - why not start with a quick-knit. Basically the little T-top is done in a few days commuting to work and to dear Wermland. Dreams come true. Good times are coming, and I am engaging myself to new demanding and interesting work. Just makings of having the angora dreams. Beatles complete and Pink Floyd complete is filling the air-space. A lovely Sunday. This little sweater is an Anny Blatt supreme angora yarn bought at a trip to France (Arles) as a souvenier yarn. I am happy with the model I invented, and the wide collar makes it almost vintage feel. Of course I found some old pearl buttons to complete the look. No, it is not much snow,its cold: -5 Celcius.

Modelling my "Autumn hat no. 2" was not a problem. No 1 was fast given away at my dissertation, but at least I had yarn to a second one. They are rather similar. Honestly, I cannot understand why anyone want to buy a hat - when it takes 1 hour to make one. The yarn in this one is from Vancouver, handdyed. Well. Anything with silk and wool makes me tickle. 2012 feels like an interesting year. I decided I will follow my christmas book from Thich That Nahn's sayings - in moderation of course, since that is also what he suggests. Other dreams is to make a dent in my yarn-room. 24 sweaters are in the plan, and some hats, socks, scarfs of course. We will see. It is still a dream! But the caress of the fluffy bunny angora yarn, sure make this a very sensual year. Love and caress. Why not? Make the world a better place.