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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nostalgia - Bobble Sweater

In Alpacka Sport this old warm and fuzzy sweater is knitted. I promised I should have my blog updated during this holiday, but sorry, holiday got me. Still being sick (time to visit the doctor on the next free day)... with a soar throat and some coughing. Hubby the same way. But we have put some hours every day packinf down our kitchen. Wow, wedding cutlery (IKEA) for 50 persons.... take a lot of room. And it seems like I have collected my entire families heirlooms in the kitchen. Two days ago my Mother-in-law and F-I-L came. Today we have have thrown out the freezer and fridge. And the kitchen is moved to a small "dorm" kitchen at the upper floor (they use to rent it out for students....) Now it is just tearing the rest down ;-) and find some great handy-men. Something difficult in Stockholm-area... now that is another story. Anhow, I have been at Nysta caressing yarn and buying "Simply Noro" with some great patterns. Then - to my surprise - Svensk Hemslöjd (on Sveavägen) in Stockholm had new yarn "Värmländskt skogsfår" = Wermlandskt Forest sheep - in brown. One spun thread. Had to buy some just for the nostaliga. And I found a new great book called "BINGE" that was released from Hallands hemslöjdsförening. A good piece of Swedish heritage knitting patterns and some new. Featuring BM Christoffersson (a knitting guru of Sweden) and Kersti (from Halland!). A must buy. Anyhow this was two days ago. Today all of us went out in the RAIN (global warming) to Old town, and visted Ann-Torps väv. Filled with great yarn as usual and much handdied silk. She is just great. I rummage in the Noro shelfs, and found Kuyeron 150 (which had great colours) but - I did not buy anything. But she and her yarnshop is just great as always. Well. And - now Im doing the second sleeve ont he Lotus Blossom Tank top (that should not have sleeves I know - but Bingo-wings.... I still laugh to myself saying that... ) Anyhow- Reason for too much talk and too little picture is - I have the photo converter at the other computer. And I just noticed - this is filling up my quota in a second... ahh work work work. Take care!


Milly said...

The sweater is beautiful! You do wonderful work!
The shopping trip and the Noro sound like so much fun!

Do you have plans to celebrate New Years?

What kind of traditions do you have in Sweden for New Years?

Enjoyed your blog as always!

Anonymous said...

Nice sweater!! I love to wear stylish sweaters... I found very stylish sweaters at discounted from Woman Within store...

Min tråd said...

Åh!, vilken underbar tröja.