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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Long Time No See - but here I am again! Garngamen is BACK!

2013 was almost a lost year when it comes to knitting!
I think it all started with a reinstallation of software, which made the picture fixing ability disappear. Then I lost my oomph a bit, knitting Kaffe Fasset insane sweater to husband. I was knit-exhausted. 
It did not get better when I finished the vest for my american "sis" and all my picture was in the mobile, and got stolen. So I am still waiting for a "finished" photo. I do not even think she like it. Knitting when no one uses the stuff is a bit depressing. But maybe it is good. I have still some knits in progress though.
So, there is hope. Also - the life in Ravelry makes blog relatively redundant. One can keep track and post photos so easily - and it is internally for all knitters. Who else cares about the knit adventures? I guess mother in law ;-) Maybe mom, who now is blessed with a pad. But really… 
So - I still have the Stash of a lifetime - that is my yarn room. 
And really ongoing more than anything are: 
 - My ice-cream (summer) sweater - all in thin cotton
 - my Yellow silk top - so little to do, will it fit? again - much bare flesh there.. not suited for public photo.
- Two pair of socks for mom, one with pattern suffering from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and the others were ordered to be knee-high - and I am still contemplating the yarn. Of course I got about 5 boxes of yarn from mom, when she cleaned out - none of which I really care for, so I hope to knit from that, but it is no surprise that that yarn are of course not very nice in anyway - feels wasted… Acrylic galore with some fancy 80s fuzzy yarn. 
- And then the wonderful super thin turtleneck in black and many colors… so body almost done, still neck and sleeves to go. 
- And the wonderful Saga in Lopi - so many colors, here I have knitted myself to the yoke - Then it is a collar and a zipper. 

Last year I finished: 
Vest for Stacey (long vest)
A angora Sweet Tee
A hat and headband
hmmm was it something else too? Cannot remember. 

 Now I only need to figure out the pictures again.