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Saturday, April 26, 2008

When nothing is happening....

I found this Skåne-embroidery that I started. For some reason the yellow thread kept breaking. Now, 4 years later I realize the problem. Not bad wool-yarn quality as I thought immediately, but I had too thin needle. So I started again (and you can see the yellow wings of the birds..... Anyhow, Yes I can sew, I can! Rewarding.. paining with yarn. I actually done a lot of sewing when I was young(er). But - no, Im not educated by anyone, so Im sure there are TONS of tricks that I can use to make things nicer.... And I have listen to everyone advice Ive got. But the needle thing I figured out myself. That is cool. Im proud of that! So simple... those little life mysteries. So over to another "Life" summary - Im working too hard. Most of my springs work got lost due to the "safety" system (I will trust myself from now on, not a bloody clearcase system i.e. - version-handler? my a-#¤%&/!) Sigh..The sun has been shining. Choclate have melted in my handbag to make a mess. I have slowly knitted a few rows on Luskentyre. (Note, I have different colours than this beautiful site from the pattern-maker and - when I look at this, I wonder why I didn't take this colours. They are fantastic!)...And started Fetching in teal - with yarn from stash (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran)... and I do understand the buzz with it. Fast and fun! And why is it going so slow with my Poetry knit? I do not know. Im seriously planning a to knit during the weekend. My throat is tickling again. It is easy to dress off to early when the sun comes out. But it could be all Hazel and birch... Pollen is thick in the air. Sewn flowers are safe! No pollen there ;-) Thank you dear friends for your nice comments. Btw. Im always so exited when I see you dear dear people commenting. Really cheers me on... sail-fans, you realize that that webcam jumps around. It was two bridges in picture, where our little Nord 80 is, we are (still without a mast) on the left. (we forgot a sprint!) But tomorrow? Knitting? Hope it is not windy. Anyhow, Birch (check out Yarnharlot's Birch) is really moving on. It is my second Birch, and such an easy lace knit. I do not need a pattern anymore...so Im soon getting there... a week or two at this pace... And to the right? An old project Im thinking if I should turn it into a dress. (it is more like mid T-shirt now.. It is more suitable at the beach.... was handling some of the Rowan summer cotton (silk) and some Colinette giotto... A bit blurry, but taken without my glasses on... I blogged about it 2004, but just realized why blogger eats old blogs. It is gone. Terrible. Really! My Trip to India just gone.