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Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring time! Cherry Blossoms!

Our wonderful cherry tree is in full bloom. My research paper is now on its way to the 12% acceptance cut, but hope is in the air. Thumbs up, Im better ;-) Started a series of knits, they are always lightweight in the beginning... so that would make the knit easy for the aching thumbs. This weekend Im going to take a break. Enjoy the wonderful life. The air smells fragrant. It is still just a bit cold, but in the sunny spots, yum. Like this wonderful yarn, the new summer camisole (sommarlinne), by the norveigan Solveig Hisdahl, from the book Poetry of stitches. A great and easy knit. I love it already, it will be soft and smooth. Maybe a little grey, now when the colour is sparkling in the garden. It is the best yarn, Schappesilk from Solsilke. Her handdyed fab. Im so happy for all my flowers in the garden. What happiness there is, really, just here. The soft silk, the blue... the light is so wondeful. I must say that the bamboo has a great feel too. This yarn was a treasure from Australia,a staple brand. I guess Im really into grey/yellow right now. And yeah, the wondefully faithful rhododendron, flowers twice a year. The pattern i th April sock, diagonal lace, a toe-up pattern... but I have just realized Im so much a top-down knitter. The pattern was easy, though, it is an easy knit.. but I need to find my shorter needles to get some speed. These flop around all the time. So, yes, Im still like a bumble bee where every knit is a flower, buzzing around! Wonderful. Bzz bzz on you too!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knit related injury! and Art...

Bananadreaming arrived from Australia. Our new huge aboriginal painting. Framing first! My thumbs are sore. It is pinching the 3 stiches in the cables (6 stiches) for the heavy St Brigid .Grr.... so Im not into anything heavy. It hurts. Crochet? At least I can plan. That is how I fall asleep after my mind is going circles around my research paper. A nice yarn to pet. Like this little beauty. A rarity, from Sue. Im still thinking how to do some great soft unmentionables. Ok, Im knitting socks for mummy dearest. Nice and warm Yarn Patons, Jet - will not be enought -which requires creativity. Sue - who send me these blue jewels, are getting a Lopi Cardigan. Im just in that scary STEEKING moment. But every time I put up the fight with the sewing machine, I hope it gets better. So brim and collar to knit - which is a piece of cake if my thumbs did not complain. So I started yet another knit. Solsilke Schappesilk camisole from Poetry of Stitches. Norweigan knitting master at work. (the author!- Solveig Hisdahl!) It goes smooth. Maybe this could also be a camisole? I think that pattern is great as a starter for much innovation. Also giving heavy glances on this little yarn. 4 balls of Silk garden lite. Now. Is that a camisole or what? No, no lace shawl. Im on anti shawl for the moment. I need more clothes! Summer like - easy to wear and combine, and great! And there are so many patterns. Just time. So maybe a vest? a Lace vest? Hmm... Inspiration! My inner eye says....I got it. V. that is cool, like Jade Starmores complicated . Same shape. Knit three together in the middle, and adding in the sides. Or...Maybe this is the yoke of a great sweater. To combine with......? No, Im trying to finish some of my UFO's. But it is so fun, I keep starting new stuff. 3 socks in the making, and tons of sweaters. My thumbs. sigh.....Well, I wish I had some yarn in these last paintings wonderful colours - from my dear brother - the famous artist Johan Mauritzson. That would be a great sweater. Where is my yellow? Ahh.. cure me quick!