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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Year full of Hope!

New years promise, enjoy the moment. Which in a Swedish world i NJUUUUTA! (with one U in original!). Well, chirstmas was busy, doing the cuffs of my Bohus, I managed to slam the needles so hard in the sofa that one popped through the skin and through my hand. My first thought was the fear of never being able to knit - but I think the christmas angels were busy, because I have never had such a deep wound that healed so quickly. I think metalneedles 2.5 mm is probably better than wood. I will not argue with airplane personnel claiming needels are weapons any more. But, it healed, and after knitting with safe think needles (6mm) - a 10 hour project - two mittens for my dear husband, in the wonderful LOPI yarn (well not really yarn, more ready carded and cut fiber) that turned out great, I could turn back to my dangerous project ;-) So, both arms are done, and I'm half way on my way down.... around bellybutton (yes, Bohus is always knitted from the top down!).. So, soon. I did a fast count and it is about 30 hours left, if you knit one stich every two seconds...I have not really clocked my knitting, but just plain knit is fastest in a circular.

And - the news are true, my dear friend and neighbour Maria G is opening a yarnshop near Maria-square. What name-coincidence. I'm sure it will be a success, she is really a great knitter with good knowledge of knitting and yarn. That is wonderful. I wish her the best of luck. Unfortunately I'm not buying as much anymore, but occasionally...Anyway, my favority mother-in-law Arvika visit at yarnshop Fantasy was almost a disappointment. All yarn on sale were just the kinds I avoid. Acrylic multicolour ... no, I just added som PT2 yarn for my planned project - the Solveig Hisdahl Jacket in Norsk Strikkedesign. The pattern is of course too small (only availible in M), and too red, but I will definitely change that. That is what knittingskills mean. Change size and colour, but use the basic idea.
Unfortunately Santa did not bring a better camera or new software, (but Gwen Stefani!) so you have still to wait for good quality pictures on this blog. And the real work has begun.. Back doing my research....

Well, I did check out my Rauma Finull yarn in my stash, that would be great to the swan sweater that is in XL in the same Norweigan knitdesign book. I really do not like the colours shown, but I think mine would be great.Hard to see, but on the left: Purple, light blue with marinblue as background and some lime and green borders. I'm really thinking a lot if the pattern at least half the way could be done on machine.... on the other hand I think Solveigs other, the white with blue and mustard triangels could be reworked for a machine pattern. Definitely have to look into this.

Well - still working/reading slowly through my Latvian patterns, thinking to do a few of them... Many could be very nice. Too many. After the Bohus is done I will definitely do a pair of mittens - Latvian! They do not very difficult. But I need to change colours. And I have not decided on yarn yet. I might go for the Latvian yarn I bought in Tartu (Estonia)... Sportwight size D. What size? wpi please? meter per 50 gram? Sigh..