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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trollhättan - The Swedish Trollywood!

Trollywood... they do have stars on the main streets. A week of international conference. Up as a sun, and down as a pancake. Overall, I met a bunch of interesting persons, but on Friday I became too tired and sad of not sleeping and not enough knitting. So I worked hard on the short-rows of the Bohus Wildapple, collar is done, and now it goes faster. Anyhow, Trollywood have a nice little yarnshop called Stick-in. Nice people, and a normal Swedish variety with a twist. Too much large 100% acrylic to get me going, but hey... I have a great knit. Anyhow, I must agree with "When the tough gets going, the tough gets Knitting" my dear friend H. The New Regia Kaffe Fasset sock-yarn is great. I bought 2 balls today at Wincent. And also the Marie Wallin great Rowan pattern book Kidsilk Dream. Well, not really patterns I NEED, but they pictures were great, really inspirational. Anyhow, Im now healthy again. And ready to start my new healthy life. I have booked my Technological Licenciate Degree date to 18 of December. In Sweden this is the degee between a Masters and a PhD. .Im so exited. Im actually moving forward. All this hard work is start to paying off. But I carry a huge guilt. Not only am I 4 sweaters behind in my "sweater a month KAL" but also, Im not knitting the shawl for may aunt either, or not fast knits to the children in Lithuania. Feeling selfish. But the Bohus is the most seductive knitting. It is so soft, so rewarding. It just feels like DREAM. Anyhow, I must get into serious exercise. Might have to visit New York very soon, to get a private Pilates lesson ;-) I miss you out there!... I have at least signed up for Ravelry...so we will se what happends. Anyhow..... It is really vacation planning. Im definitely absolutely coming to US next year. In fact, Im planning a bit lengthier research trip, and also attending conferences.... Time to enjoy the dollar! it was almost double to the Swedish crown the last time I visited so....Again, take care! Here planning is happening.

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HPNY Knits said...

I am glad you are feeling better again!!! that Bohus sounds lovely. hope we can see something soon!
NYC is ready for your visit! its true, the dollar now is sad, so we get lots of visitors. good time to visit and shop here.
it will be good to get your degree in time for Xmas!