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Monday, December 12, 2005

From 26 in Lanzarote to Latvian Mittens

I just luuv getting away on a loong flight to the summerfeeling at Lanzarote. I knitted on my Bohus sweater all the way down, and at the pool, every german lady commented. One old very puckly women complained that making those 35 sweaters at a deadline some many years ago was the reason she looked like she did -"Humfback". Mental note, think how you sit with your back when you knit. As always, I have a white belly, having my knitting there all the time. Angora - merino does not stick in heat, but gets VERY hot - when it is black! So, Approaching the cuff, realising that I must have missed something - AARGH 4 days of knitting in the....... It was decrease, decrease. from row 10! How could I, Rip- rip och Maria G, I must say knitting with curly yarn is very annoying for me, I envy you. So I had a lot of vacation beer, Read Mr Potter (The goblet...) from cover to cover... and then back again. Knitting first arm, ok, starting on the second and on the plane and watching Hitch... bummer, realised I have...oh now. To dark to tired.... not really taken BOTH threads on the needle some way down. yikes...Easliy fixed with a crochet hook I didn't have. Ohh Home sweet home. And in the mail was: Latvian Mittens book from Schoolhousepress. Ahha what a treat. What a interesting but immensly openended book. The Knit a long is a great thing. No I just need to figure out what I should start with: Christmas present? My hubby is patient. He can get it next year (or I might go at it again....) Or should I finish the circular one? Hmm... Life in the knitting word is my most unorganized place. Well, I the mail, I also had to favorite books from my favorite knitting used dealer - Nordkalotten!! Dandanell - Tvåändsstickat (Two-end knitting) which has been on my hotlist for awhile (thank you again great Stickliste-friend) and Handskar och vantar. A rare old pice, really showing that knitting gloves sideways is no new art - but yet so wonderful.
No no, knitting is not about finishing pieces - even if this is occasionally wonderful. It is about enjoying the thinking, arts & design, yarn selection, pattern and doing swatches... ok, almost sweaters, mittens, etc... but still they are GIANT swatches. (okok, I will finish something sometime).