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Saturday, August 20, 2005

I did it!!!

Ha! For the first time in the last 3 years I have been to a new city and entered 4! yarnshops NOT BUYING ANYTHING! I'm recovering from my yarnoholics.
Recovery medicine together with my first knitted gloves in Tvinni:
  • Bring half your packing with the almost finished sweater and a stash of yarns
  • Bring another smaller knitting too (TelemarkVott) below.
  • Carry this heavy thing like a bad conscious, being busy all the time with no sleep (conference) really building your of "no time to knit" and "to much to carry/have" and it will never be finish
  • Then, No money in wallet and a too hot sweater.
  • Walk fast to Skövde centrum, and talking nicely with the yarnshops owner - avoiding to squeeze and feel yarn too long to design a project in your head!
  • You are cured!

Any way, an ittybitty town of approx. 50 000 inhabitans (Skövde) have 4 active yarnshops. Someone must be knitting!!!! 2 shops had mainly acrylics, blends, babyknit.... 1 had the addition of Naturnära (no not the gotland shop, some farmer (could it be NATURNÄRA, ALINGSÅS, 031-23 00 41, 1437 ... PER G FODER & MASKIN AB, SKÖVDE)? , a local handdyed swedish woolyarn, very pretty, good colours, but only one batch each (was it 400 sek) for a full sweater (6 hg) which is a bit too little for me i believe. Also, It just felt a bit harsh against the skin, I guess I have been a bit spoiled with the anograblends. So, My grand finale was Ulla at Speciell. I was so wrong and behind. Now her bang was classy black to the blond. Always working hard and looking elegant, as her shop.

With Karin's machineknitted and Ullas assembly, a sight for sore eyes. Very sober, black grey, elegantly displayed, and we had a good chat, until I realize my researchpal Anders was waiting, and that last squeeze of the "out of this world" wonderful LIME Angora-merinoblend for 200sek for ONE YANK (100g I assume) ahhhh lush.... But I though of my yarnoholic pledge. Of-course, feeling and looking at her beautiful scarf (see it on her web) really made me weak in the knees, but I was soo hot, Anders was waiting, and I had to go...

So, I have mostly knitted, ripped up and reknitted my telemarksvott.

I'm back with the original pattern. It will be ok. Lots of room for embroydery!

Anyway, for your info: Läckö slott (Leakage castle ;-) had a Färgkraft exhibition. With sweaters and nice stuff. But no resale !!! (that, this time was ok, but still disappointed!!!) So, I had to think about my yarnstash of Färgkraft. Some lime, 2-ply, green, 2-ply, a wonderful 1-ply blue, mustard mix called "Tar" or "Tjära" and "Trollskog". Wonderful. And of course my UFO.. sigh. Maybe färgkraft and alpacka would be a good blend. Hmmm...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Off to Skövde for the week...

Now I will go to Skövde for the week, researh summer school (and Läckö Slott), and hopefully get some time to see the yarnshops Speciell with a very special owner Ulla, who is a very fast knitter, and expert in (swe: Montering) putting the knitted pieces toghether. She is also a special person with her blue bang in her hair. I will just bring two knitted pieces with me, so I can keep busy during the long hours of listeníng to clever insights. (Left is my Birch in Kid Silk Haze, that takes a bit more than 3 yarnballs to finish, but is wonderful and easy to do, very rewarding. I started this on 27 of June and was done 27 July).

Well, today I just bought Simple Knitting, with 250 hints for the knitter. Weird magazine, I cannot say if I like it or hate it. It contains nothing, yet I cannot stay away. So I took a nap, and had a strong wake-up splashing a full caffe latte on what I though was - all my coffetable knitting books, the latest Vouge knitting, the Rowan magazin, Scarf Style and Norsk Strikkedesign, was in jeopardy. But as in Poker, the true wonder of magic occurs on the river, and the last number of Sandra knitting took all the coffe, and the rest was saved. And honestly, I just stopped my subscription on Sandra, since is a magazine always a bit off in colour, yarn, patterns etc so I just loose interest. Finally, I succeeded. So, no harm done, but a scare....
My camera just got the handpiece in the coffe, and my little patternbook is of course smudgy, but it could be worse. So, time for a break. On this picture (No, not the Magnolia) is my first handspun hanks from the great course at Gudruns Ullbod (see link on right). The problem with this first uneven yarn is what to do with it. But I'm thinking of doing small swatches/squares, to really display the yarn, and then knit them into a sweater. (Of course, spinn all of the other yarn as well or maybe not? Really show of the difference....)