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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Budapest yarn hunt part 2

As claimed in my last posting, Budapest - great, yarnhunt not that thrilling. But I must admit, that this exhibition was very thrilling. I had no idea his paintings were so vibrant. Kadinsky and Klee are in my mind way more exiting than Picasso (at least in this exhibit) which showed sketches that I can find on the any auction house from him. So... Also some fun Arp sculpture. But the work "from a rainy day" was so great... And I just wish my fantastic brother - who I think is definitely in the same realm as Hundretwasser got to design some cool houses....We are after all the children of two architects...and I still think the Pierre Cardin house on the frensh riviera is something for me. Round rooms. Maybe I was a hobbit in an earlier life. Anyhow, sorry for flipping, but this blog has got to have some vibe. This should be my TIFO as we say in Sweden (P1 radio isnot bad!) Budapest. yeah, already a memory far away. So yarnshop on Ulloi (very little yarn) next to it is a beadshop. And opposite the street (cross carefully) is also a beadshop. I guess this is not the most exiting pics, but I really had just luck running in to these. A local would have known, but I guess work was so busy I didn't want to pressure them into finding something. But I will be back. And yeah, it was not this snowy, but their ice-skating was already there. And immideately I thought of "great knits on ice". That could be is so great. More weird is that I got VK knits AGAIN today. A month later. They have absolutely no check. I did not get one (had to buy them all in "loose numbers") and now I get twice..I have become the worst bloggar. The reason is obvious. I joined Ravelry.
Great fun. Now I finally getting my projects in order. And I have just begun getting my stash there.... what fun. Knitters mainiac.


HPNY Knits said...

what a wonderful treat to see those great exhibits! worth the whole trip!
lots of inspiration.

Milly said...

Facinating pictures! Thanks for sharing!