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Saturday, June 30, 2007

FO-Circular ..more Tallin knits and yarn

It is finished! My Greek sea and with sand Twisted floated shrug (see more on its KAL)- or Circular Shurg with pattern from Vouge Knitting Fall 2005. And It is rather big (and warm) in summer rain in front of Honey-roses. Came home from Tallin - and boy, Im behind on updates. It has been a YARNILISHIOUS week. I must say Im still discussing some addition to the front of this. It is so belly exposing. From the side - it says it all! I think I increased just a few stiches to much on the last rows, so it got a bit bubbly, and the snug sleeves make me look much better, but the tighter sleeves are not as compfortable as big ones. Anyhow, Im thinking to alter the front a little. Maybe add some short rows so it is easier to "button up" and it closes that gap in front. Anyhow, This also finishes my JUNE submission to the SweaterAMonth KAL. Im "back" on track. Actually this looks so much better from behind. Yarn: Debbie Bliss "Maya" which I figured out is the same as Manos del Uraguay Wool yarn, then it is two, two-stranded wool from Estonia (Kauni) in turqoise and purple, and also the purple yarn and plain turquoise. The white is Mojärv - wool (two strands). The white of course represent the salt when the waves are breaking. So much Greek vacation inspiration. Truely my colourscheme. I luve it (it looked better from behind in pictures than it felt wearing. Interesting phenomena. Anyhow, you have to live with this huge long posting, since Im gone to India an entire week - and no chance of blogging ;-) So, here is more of the great yarn - hand-dyed I bought (not that I needed it, but I like to support them!) in Tallin (Estoina). It is difficult to judge from this picture, but a series of different yellow and greens. Anyhow, this will fit in snuggly with my own hand-dyed yarn. I will definitely show you a series of the Tallin knitwear sales in the future. Somehow, they are much into knitting machines these days, and not at all like the first time I was in Tallin. Still have warm memories on 1992 winter, when I bought a handknitted sweater from an old lady for 300 Estonian (200 Swedish = 20 dollar)... should dig that up and show you. Craftmanship. Now prices are grown, but they are now 0.6 EEK to a Swedish Kronor. and 7 kronor is a dollar. DO the math! Here is just a "bad" picture of the last little tail of knitwear saleswomen just inside their great medeaval wall. There is noway to describe it. But maybe this picture? of the more modern knitware for sale? Ok, I will bore you with more pictures. I had some reactions on my "inside knitting language"..But we all Know what Good SEX means? Stash Enrichement eXpedition! Now you know. That is how I earned my yarnoholic membership. And I do have Stash larger than life expectancy. And it has not gotten better. I did a find on Nysta today too. But that is another story. And- Terrible that I do not have time to comment on your blogs. I feel lousy - but you are on my mind - and your progress is amazing. Bags? Hmm Bags is not a bad knitting.. But what should I bring to INDIA: a long flight, so...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In Tallin

Tallin is very much a Hansa city. Looks just like Visby in Gotland (Swedish Island) and is only 83 kilometers from Finland. Anyhow, it has an old wall, and many towers. And is known for its knitted artifacts (among others). This time of year (summer) filled with tourists that walk in guided tours. Myself attending the conference is mixed feelings. Both happy to have done my presentation, and a bit sad nostalic from when I worked here 91-93 just after it got free. Anyhow, Now city is tourist shops and I sniffed up the yarn store - filled with acrylic blends. Anyhow - succeeded to find the only sale yarn (12 EEK) I mean 6SEK (less than a Euro) for one ball of italian cotton. But the true wool (which I already have a lot of) was the same price (or more) than in Sweden. So... no, Not a big buy. Of course two one threaded white wool (a shawl?) was cheap enough, and some "förgarn" "fleece" cut in strings....! Good SEX! Stash growing. I have for the first time the luxury hotel SAS Radisson (especially when I remember all the hard years and many tears I had for my therapy education and supervision here. I definitely learned a lot about pain and compassion from this country. Im so tired, my feet hurts, and Im have so much to do, I just had to take a break and blog. So, Have a look... The cotton balls with ¨pink, beige white and beige are great. And the fleece is planned for two socks. The problem with great hotelrooms is the minibar. They have displayed all choclats in a glass-box so you see it all the time. And I was good this time not buying Toblerone at the airport. Really Torture when I cannot kiss my dear husband. I guess Im a bit lonely. Im so tired. But have to show you the great view from my window, the sun setting and reflecting in the tower. A bit fuzzy but on the 13th floor the windows are definitely shut tight. Tomorrow it is the conference dinner, so I will be late to get home. And I have not even started on any knitting here. It is interesting. The Sweater a month KAL have me being true to ongoing project. I do not really want to start anything new (again).
I decided. Your great respons got me to choose. I ordered (5) hanks of Kochoran nr 10 from the US. Might as well. Now it will have hood, be long and have pockets. Not such a bad idea and thanks for playing. Also, realized that the 203 is not Kureyon but SILK GARDEN. And - Im done with Circular Jacket - or "Twisted floated shrug" Vouge front Fall 2005. Anyhow, still are fixing all those loose ends, and then needs some pressing. Maybe Saturday. We will see. Take care - and do stay out of the rain and heat.