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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chronicle over 2007 = NEKHIAD

Time for the chronicle with the title NEKHIAD = Not enough Knitting Hours In A Day! A travalling year. I have been to France (Marseille, Nice and Riviera, Grenoble) and some great Anny Blatt Cashmere (among others). Seuol in Korea, Shanghai and Beijing in China with some great yarn (picture), India (Chennai), London (Stash and Loop) and Windsor in UK, Aachen (with great yarnshop and finds e.g. Maya from Debbie Bliss from Görg und Görg in Annastrasse) , Dusseldorf in Germany, Budapest in Hungary, Tallin in Estonia and Gotland (Swedish great island.... with LOTS of great Fardhem spinnery yarn Huskroken etc!). Not to mention all Swedish great and new places...Travelling it has mostly been knitting on Lotus Blossom tank top (see last posting), time consuming lace! But lets LIST this years accomplishments!

  1. Alice Starmore's "Tudor Rose" Catherine Parr in Kampes mixed with estonian laceyarn, and Mojärvs mixed with färgkraft. 10 weeks knitting! Posting a 18th of March here!

  2. "Buttefly traces", own design, in recycled silk! Finished on 9th of April!

  3. Turquoise Enterlac, own design, in Noro Kureyon and Malabrigo Emerald, May 1

  4. My 1st "Enterlac", own design, in Jaeger Matchmaker merino, May 20 Definitely was an UFO....

  5. "Ballerina" by Teva Durham in Loop-d-Loop, adapted (sleeves) by me..in Aracunia Cotton, June 10 ! That was quick... a one week knitting (in Grenoble!)

  6. Circular Sweater or "Twisted Floated Shrug" by Annie Modisett from Vouge fall 2005, a UFO from 2005 finally finished 30th of June

  7. Kochoran Cosy Sweater, own design and buttons. July 18. Got addition on collar...and might get more...

  8. Handspun socks, knitted own design. Fleece from Kartehuset 6 oct

  9. Six different "Jacuzzi hats for boss", own design. All six finished ad Blogged Oct 31 and on Oct 26. I hear the sun in the house adopted the dark blue for regualar use! Great!

  10. Domino-modular Knitted top, own design based on Vivian Höxbro's square! Nov18

  11. Good-night Quick-knit Sweater, my own design in yarn Colinette Point Five bought on Sale from Fantasy (Arvika) ages ago..., Finished Dec 9th.

  12. Lotus Blossom Tank Top, from Interweave Knitting by Shoji, and added sleeves in yarn Du Store Alpakka Baby-Silk posted 30th of Dec.

And maybe a "cheat" entry, just outside the list... but I made this UFO into a west. Maybe it s a "half sweater"? anyhow, my own design, and Jaeger Aran yarn, on 27th of Nov. All in all a great knitting year. I did not achieve all I wanted, but I had a good run. at least 10.5 sweaters! Also, the stash got organized in shelfs with glass doors (some of it), and I got my tech. lic. degree. Not bad at all. Other great knitting news is of course me joining Ravelry, which is absolute fab for knitters. Im afraid I have started some knits in the same pace as finishing them... So I guess I will not make any promises at this point Finally a chronical also need some reflections.

  • Best knit of the year? No doubt Cathering Parr. Great result, quick and fun to knit.

  • Worst knit? My first enterlac sweaters last sleeve (the first was easy), which had uneven number of squares, which ment an unfitted sleeve, re-knitted 3 times, until I gave up and did it from cuff and up. No wonder it was an UFO!

  • Greatest yarn-buy? I was extatic when I found the yarnshop in Shanghai! Not to mention my "find" in Aachen - Maya a discountinued yarn (now Manos del Uraguay) from Debbie Bliss. Or maybe was it the Kochoran buy (on the net and also at Strikk)... no it must be..

  • Worst yarn? Match-maker merino from Jaeger. Not only superwash (which I did not see at purchase) but it also behaved like an acrylic and lost all spoonginess in wash, ruined the first enterlac.. How depressing!

  • Best Knitting book? When I found the oldest Bohus knitting book original I have been searching for at least five years to find.

  • Worst knitting context experience? Realizing on the Swedish Knit-meet in Leksand that the wedding was on Saturday and on Sunday, having me forced out after only 1.5 days. What a disaster.

  • Best knitting context experience Gotland vacation and yarnhunt - Summer and fibers. What could be better?

On that note I let it rest for looking back. Beware of looking forward in the next few days. Take care out there in 2008!


Agneta said...

God fortsättning på nya året

Ilix said...

Great photo up top! I love your Lotus Blossom too! This is a great summary, I may have to copy and do my own!

Milly said...

Sounds like a super year! I could only hope to accompolish so much!
You have set the pace for 2008!

You'll have to add the States to your travels next time! Love to show you around my little area of the world.

HPNY Knits said...

spectacular year!!