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Sunday, May 14, 2006

So short update before taking off tomorrow!

So, the studentjubilee, interesting statistics...8 from our bunch of definitely above 25 some, zero (!!) from parallell and 5 from the other parallell. Just a very lousy outcome. Then I realized, Hey, it is noisy, we can't really speak with each other, the food is good, but I know noone outside my class, since I went to the US as an exchange student (Fresno, CA - class of 80!) so, I went only one year with them. I understand that it would be more fun just to meet. without the surrounding. Wow, how your memory goes after 25 years. So. Dear N3b in Karlstad (find your way here yet?). You were amazing! I think I got back some great memories of that time, and it is such a warm smart gang of people. Of course my throat choaked, and I feel that ache coming on at night... so I was early (around 2ish in bed!) Well, good hotel breakfast (a picture from Statt - my room) and then I went to the Värmland museum, which had a GREAT exhibition on.
A lot of knitting.... I do not want to spoil the fun, so I only give you one picture! Unfortunately the knittingkits were still not in the museumshop so... Sorry. No business from me. But the Latte was great, and after knitting on the train back home, hosting our australian, indian, malaysian friends I'm packing. So- It will be VERY quiet in this webspace until 30th of May or so - but then, this blog will be jammed packed with strange yarn-chasing stories from the world (and picture of all I knitted on the 11 hours flights! and all conference). Enjoy