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Monday, November 17, 2008

Troll-times or what...

We have a great troll in the house! Done by an aunt of my hubby. I think he is up to something. I have trolls in my knitting. I just seem not to get finished with anything. And I have been working all Sunday (real work - not knitting!). Ok, we had a sauna too - it is just so fab... and we put in the scent of Eucalyptus, and now we really have a great plan for our Australian trip ;-) What a memory trip to go back and visit the places we lived and loved. But knitting? Now, the more I see my huge stash, the more Im deciding to "never again" buy any more yarn or fleece (maybe with some very few exception, such as opossum, buffalo and vicuna...maybe I will not stay true to this.) hmm... But Im getting challenged of using my stash. Sorry yarn shop owners, but I will not be there. I guess Im almost on the edge to change my name. To stashbuster or something more appropriate. I think what really got me was my 50 or something cones of indicida alpaca and Norsk spelsau and another norveigan yarn. It is crazy. Half of it is thin enough for my machine, but - I will not wear clothes enough during my lifetime. So, Im going to really focus on doing fab garments of what I have. The strange (!) really situation is that I still (and always) do not think I have enough and the "just right" sweater to use, but I realize, I actually wear my knitwear out (now 6 sweaters needs repair, if I just can find the right repair-yarn). Well, Im still in fight with my october sock... half of the last sock to go.. sohoho slow. I have been knitting on my Lopi. And today it snowed for the first time. It did not stay, but Im just saying WARM SWEATER please... NOW! Trolls, dont mess with my knitting!