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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yarn collection and the need for quick knits

Most readers know Im slowly working on Alice Starmore's Tudor Rose: Queen Catherine Parr (in green). I have now two cm to reach back neck, and Im getting exited. Today is going to be a knitting day. Weekend. Just a little work to do. That calm is back. But I realized, between yarnshopping and blogging and knitting on thin needles, you need a quick knit. Just to say, Hey, what did I do January? 2 caps. So, It took me 1 hour to do half a pair of mittens. So, 4 hours to a pair of mittens? That is fast. Unfortunately the red cocoon wool yarn was one of those sale "I just got to test it" yarn, which I also have 2 balls of teal.
So Friday at my LYS (Nysta) I picked up 2 more teal, unfortunately the red was out, so I went with black. Im thinking of my cold brother, who freezes in his house up north. Any excuse is a good excuse. Do you not agree? It is so nice to get a comment from you my dear friend H., and a great button it is. I will now proudly disply the Yarn collectors button (of course invented by Presistent Illusion). I had no idea where that expression came from, but these things happen. Someone said Yarn collection instead of stash and you are hooked on the words. It makes me proud. Of course I have good intentions to knit it all. Slowly but surely. Im a bit suprised by the fact that dearest Queen did not use up more yarn. I was sure it would take 1.5 kg (more than 3 pounds) of yarn, but It is less than 500 grams so far, and it is not much left..... (Yeah!) just two sleeves and the half front and neck! Feels like I have done more than half! The sun just came out, -9 degrees. This is how I mess up (and do not finish). I do a Quick knit. After a while, the quick knit is not quick. It was an entire project. Now, this year is the year of finishing staring projects. Finishing all KALs I enter, since 2008 I will start with a clean slate (HA!) I will try. Im determined. First project is the Queen. Then Project spectrum needs its GREY and BLUE. This will also be matching my planned rythm. 1 NEW (Queen), and 2 UFO's. The Queen and I are still companions for awhile. And Montreal, here I come (week 9). I had so much trouble finding an open yarn store there. Now I know at least two. But, as always. Is there time for searching finds to the collection?