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Sunday, February 22, 2009

FO my winter Lopi Cardigan

Finally, the last finishing touches are completed on my Lopi Cardigan. It is still not completely dry. I added on extra rows to the collar - which was too short in my opinion. I also have added a series of short rows in the yoke - so it is lifted enough in the neck. The pattern is from a small booklet called Lopi No 23, and this is design 1. Plötulopi (cakes - 3 threads) used. Now - even if I have followed the pattern to the letter, I have lately got a fling for pockets (great place to put a hankie or my astma medicine). Anyhow - I sewn on the pockets in the very late night - being so stressed I could not sleep... and - I must laugh, that even if I have counted the stitches - I have placed the pockets so uneven it is hilarius. Now to really make this cardi fab, I must restitch the pocket - AND make an inner lining in the collar - so it is nicer to wear and it stands straight. Anyhow - this Lopi-craze is still going on. The interesting part is - when I attempted to knit up my stash on Lopi (or Plötulopi) I have just realized my stash has instead gotten larger than before. Glad I have gotten at least one in the making, one in planning and two that I still do not know which patten to use. I guess I save some to the next winter... these heavy yokes takes a strain on my shoulders... time for some lightweight knitting...