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Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 3 FO's: Inspira Sweater, Punkt Fem and Nemisis socks

Finally done. The Inspira sweater - based on the Inspira Cowl, corrugated Rib pattern. I winged the pattern for the sweater myself, and knitted top-down. A lot of short-row's to lift the back. Yummy yarn - it is indecita alpaca held together with Solsilke's lynx (the purple), and then Artyarns Silk Rhapsody for the colourful main. Very soft yarn. But the alpaca is just a tiny tod itchy. Very snug fit...Now on the right is Punkt Fem - which is really named after the yarn- Point Five that is a Colinette yarn in colourways Copperbeach. I bought it on a sale, but it was not enough - but found some more at dear Ann (Ann-torp's väv) in Gamla Stan (old town). Three hanks would do the sleeves. They are knitted - and then frogged -since colour is just slightly different (different colour bath), but worse is that the newer yarn is just a big bulkier and "fluffier" which made this look like a Michelin Man... no - I am know crocheting (you can see my little cuff) and thought I will have removable sleeves (fastened with a button on the shoulder). Maybe. I actually love the vest as is. Buttons are my own ceramics experiment. Finally on the StickaMera SockKlubb (from 2010) socks Nemesis - Or "Silicon Valley Nemesis socks" as I named them, starting them in San Jose, and buying the yarn there... What to do on boring hotel rooms? The yarn is a favourite - Lorna Lace sock yarn, but honestly. It looks better in the hank than on the sock It bleeds weirdly (pools). Pattern is rather nice though. But took me 4-ever like a good "Nemesis" project should do. Maybe that has been the reason for the slow finishing streak??? Now I am back on track again. It feels good. So it is time to dig in and make the SockKlubb socks for THIS year instead. It will be my main knit (and a sweater) for my next week - In Berlin, and hotel again.... Glad dearest is home feeding fish and taking care of business. He just made the best Semla from scratch I ever had. I mean - he even did the almond-mix in the middle. No wonder the Inspira sweater feels tight... Back to the gym!