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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FO Cosy warm cardigan!

Here it is, the Noro Kochoran nr 10. With yarn from US and from Nysta. Remember my earlier discussion from 22 June (just scroll below)? Pattern? Well, It was designed like a small shrug. Added and added, so, it is really my own. As well as the square buttons (stoneware).I made it in an angel by choice, I guess I have been inspired by "Project catwalk". Glasses? No it is not sunny, but I was too lazy to put on any make-up for a foto. Too much of a summerbum. Anyhow, click on picture for enlargement, and enjoy my new "hot seat" chair for a neckless (in silver). Well, I thought we were sailing, but in fact it has been stormy, thunder and cloudy. Im making more lemonade - and right now, Ice-cream from our wedding-gift ice-cream machine. You could help me out. should I add pockets? Im contemplating that... but Im afraid it will be a bit "front heavy". Also, Im thinking if I should make the collar a bit larger. I definitely have yarn for it. But it seems to "sink" on the shoulders. Also had a debate with myself to make a hood. But somehow I dropped that. What do you think? Any opinions? Actually, this sweater makes my July entry for the Sweater a month KAL. But it is a winter cosy, not for the hot summer. I Love that you daughter liked the picture. And a day-lily for joy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

London Yarn shopping (3) STASH!

Stash yarns is Fabulous. May be because it is filled with the luxurious quality hand-dyed yarn from the world (mostly US- Canada). You are so lucky over there. The prices are so way over any reason, it is crazy. 20 -25 pounds a hanl. But look at it. The first top is Camel-spun (camel yarn and silk), below is Sea-Cell and Silk - same colourway fron Hand-painted yarns from Canada. I have no idea what I can create of those cuddly beauties. But Im happy to have these GEM's in my Stash - from Stash! Below are the cashmere 4 ply, which I only could find two matching pairs of. So they have to be highlights. In fact, that is the only "complaint" I have. To few hanks in same colour - and the prize.But otherwise - a store made to dream about. I actually have been there before (see this old posting), and remakable enough, the store-owner recognized me. But who spends their entire travel-budget on yarn (and skips food?) A true yarn-vulture like me. Ok, the cashmere was to dream of. Then, last time, I bought this silk and mohair (one thread of each), which I just grabbed on hank of (enough for a shawl!) See how well it does next to the "Henri Martin Rose" in Dark burgundy?. Or does it do better next to "Giseland de Feligonde"? A musk-rose that flowers over and over. No, it is just one hank, and a photographer with time... un un-usual situation. The sunshine was great today. We had a quick visit to the very abandoned city. And after some knitting in the garden I had a go at the weeds again. Cooked some black-currant lemonade. And picked some dark cherries. They are great, and the tree is so full, we went over to all our neighbours and offered them some. Just open a Lindemans red to the great salad and steak. And now we are sipping it with some very dark Lindt Choclate. This is the best holiday ever. Knitting, good food and choclate! Anyhow, Stash made me very blue. I also got 3 balls of Fiddlesticks lace-spun in blue, and this last picture is filled with something that will also be a great quick-knit on the sea, a summer-top. Strange how colours affect you. But I guess Im feeling a bit blue for the moment. All winter - Im definitely green. And in fall, it is all about leaf-colour. Hmm. Is the first spring green LIME? When is then lilac? Of course the lst top is Lorna's Lace. Isn't it just yummy looking yarn? It posed well with the red-currant. I have 3 bushes of red-currant, which is enough to make so much lemonade I have to give it to my brother. I just hope I have time to pick it this year.
And sorry for not linking you up with Loop.
That was sloppy of me. Anyhow. So, ranking of Liberty, Loop and Stash? Easy. Stash has best colour-ways and best quality, but are not cheap. Loop has great bargains, and a clip-card for good customers and definitely a bunch of great yarns. Liberty has a complete Rowan-Jaeger stash, and some bargains. So, it is defintitly a tie. For lace knitters- Stash, otherwise Loop. Eh, you get the picture. You must see them all. 4 hours would give you enough time and 3 hours is a bit tight! London shopping is almost as good as Stockholm ;-) But I think it is natural. What you do not have - you crave for. Now I got to finish something for tomorrows posting (ha, it might takesome more days....)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

London shopping yarn (2) Loop

Loop, a bit to walk from the Islington tube station it was not hard to find this little store. Filled with people, kids and mugglerhusbands, and both old little lady to find something for baby footsies, and desperate houswifes. And me. Carefully browsing the rather jampacked store for goodies. A lot of Noro, Colinette and Manos the Uruguay with the normal Debbie Bliss. A bit to messy for me - it had the same "look-and-feel" as my yarn-room, piles and baskets and knitted artifacts all over, but, definitely some finds in the sale bucket.
I got my hands on 10 balls of Noro Cash Iroha (black!) and 4 balls of the Debbie Bliss alpacka-silk dk in teal. Good backup yarn. After a lot of fondling, the Blue Sky Cotton became a summer top: one neon-lime, one black and 2 naturebeige hanks. Must have thought about whasps. Anyhow, then 1 very expensive Habu minature ball of featherlace snuck its way to the basket (10 punds! - a fortune!) - to complement the very yellow-green 2 hanks of Alchemy yarns. Cleverly layed in a Big Daddy Hosta leaf (the largerst Hosta there is!) Anyway. Silk.
Hey, to top it all off, I always buy to odd sizes circular (3.25 and 3.75) of some Addi needles. I was content, filled that empty space some. And the I have no idea what to do with the black. By the way Anna, I found no yarn in India. To be honest, I found only a very small shoppingcenter, but not like my last visits, which was more in style of street market - where you would find anything. India this time was just work.
Anyhow, Im better today. I guess my belly just wanted Swedish food and some TLC from Hubby. Im so much better. But tired. Must be relaxing. Picked cherries today, and Hubby makes me our great Italian risotto (with chicken, asparagus and saffron) Yummy! Tomorrow - the last London shopping spree posting.