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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm too lazy - Vacation Yarn!

So, this was the fantastic yarn from Färgkraft I was talking about. Handcoloured, Name GRANIT handsorted swedish soft pelsblend (both Gutesheep) and Swedish sheep (special breed for softness). The new colour is called Granit. I managed to convince Margrét to make it on two stranded. It is easier /better to knit. Isn't it just FAB yarn. After a lazy day we decided that sailing seems to be the Number 1 option. No regatta (sorry Ulla - too far to sail). But lazy days. This means A lot of knitting!, but already summerplans are changing. No Two-end knitting visit and saying hello to Anne-Maj.
But to be honest, it is nice to say hello to my hubby. Lets think about the yarn. Doesn't this look like fall colours? They are great. I'm so in love with them, so yummy. Very inspirational to make something, but here is where I need help. It is one Kilo. Enough to make some lenght. Cabels? Open front? Hood? Hmm... This yarn needs to MATURE!

Wow! Luck! Love! Party! Summerplans!

I got the job! I have been so gone from this blog. I got the job! They WANT ME! It will not be easy, I will be working even more, but I will be treated with respect, and the world is my Oyster. So, thursday night in the HEAT I we did Cahprinha (Lime, Brazilina rom and sugarcane)... Very weak - I'm NOT a drinker, but I think I was just dehydrated, since hardly slept the entire night running up and trying to dilute the lime in my system with a great headache. I guess tensions was going. Friday I had some finishing work - and writing that great mail of resignation AHH.... Im moving internally. Friday evening was Gröna Lund partytime. And I hit those radio cars with a frenzy I did not know I had. Of course, the heat required - beer, and I'm not good with beer either, so the funny house was really weird, and after the roller- coster my head really spinned. So Today I have been numb. Slept half the day, and then rush rush, we were invited to our great friends Guatemala and Germany/Swede couple. On the way, I picked up a box of Fantastic yarn from Färgkraft. The new colour GRANIT on two threaded. Just beautiful. A Kilo. Expensive like.. but, I'm thinking it is great swedish handicraft all the way, hand picked and sorted wool, spun by Kempes, and hand-coloured. And all (but the spinning) done from someone I really respect. Hey. I do not mind feeding those great Islandic horses with a contribution! I will have a great sweater. But know I'm into colouring myself.. So, I just got home. And tomorrow I booked myself on massage and cellulite treatment! So my vacation is just starting fantastic. So, what about summerplans? I will really try to make it to the Two-end knitting course in Furudal, to meet Anne-Maj. (with mother and hubby) then going to Käckelbäcksmon (brother) and his son visiting from Norway.
Then Kallmyra mohair (I really HOPE she has time for me). And if we are lucky, both Hudiksvalls museum, YlloTyll (Uppsala), Gammelvala (Arvika) and Gotland (Stickstämma). Wow, what a knitting summer. I hope all my plan works without the husband freaking out. And I'm also planning to spin, colour, and KNIT.