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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yarngalore! Stash up 2008 or...

Noro Kabuto (Wool, Silk, Alpacka, Cashmere) Do I need to say more? I have for ahwile being such a good girl, being able to go in and out of yarnshops and actually come out empty handed (even temptation has been VERY severe). I thank the "Stash down 2008" for that..... But since about easter, I have flipped out completly. So the yarn, which I fondled during Christmas break - was put away (like a special sale for me!!) at Anntorps Väv in Stockholm Old town. Not only did she give me a great discount, but the yarn... I mean... I just love this one. 34 hanks of yummy Kabuto at a bargain. It is 12 coloured and the rest in black, which is just great to get my creative juice turn into champange! So.. I have already planned two or three? sweaters). Of course my eye catched a glimpse of another favourite Noro Kochoran... With a purple tone. As always. I have no exuse. It is just to easy. They just came along - three hanks. Im thinking LACE shawl! (ok, I know it is weird, but it could be a Scribbled lace shawl, you know, mix with thinner yarn? I will think about it. Ahhh! Yummy! Ann is a weaving artist, and handpaints her yarn... and she inspired to the first Cornelia Hamilton Noro book to a shawl. What a fantastic sweet lady. Not only have I worked with her dear husband, and son, but she has been around for such a long time (you know survived the time "before" the knitting craze picked up again here).. We had a boom in Sweden in the 80's as well, that was just crazy. Everyone knitted everywhere! Now it is more moderate. OK, do you think my yarncraze have stopped here? No. That is why I think joining Stash Down is counter-productive. I "have" to buy some yarn..... So, when I do, I do. So I have ordered Jamieson & Smith Woolbroker like there is no tomorrow. Of course the main reason is the fab fantastic Starmore pattern, and the great and rare booklet "SC=Scottish Collection" that I got as a fantastic gift by my dear friend Sue). Anyhow, there is no excuse. I can blame this first two yarn-crazes on my recent 3 day visit to Budapest... and the public transport was on a strike - which put everyone into panic, and that you had to try and go to the airport 4 hours before. Well...everyone was so hysteric, the city was empty, and I saw a huge amount of empty cabs just waiting... so - I missed the last day of the conference, and spend it in an airport. I truley deserved 37 hanks of yarn. End of discussion. Anyhow, back to the Starmore and SC patterns. So I have in addition to my yarn-flashing of Luskentyre and Cold Duck also ordered Catriona - and the yarn and some extras just came in the mail. So great! I love it. And dinally the colour shars. Oh, they sure have fantastic yarn! I strongly recommend them for anyone that like quality yarn! And the colour choice is fantastic. Ok. The truth is. I have 33 unfinished or should I say "ongoing" projects. It is time to do something. So, even if it is "stash up" time instead of down (hey, now - really I will ONLY buy yarn when I go to Seattle... Vancouver in July ;-) but, I should get knitting. At least I got somewhere on the Birch shawl. Anyhow, for you sailing-crazy, you could follow us tomorrow. We will be masting. Our sailboat is the only one (this weekend) on our bridge. (the left bridge) Here is the link to the webcam. Then you need to go and click on "more pictures" = mer bilder in the bottom. In the mid row, furthest to the left (or if you count left to right top to bottom it is picture 5´) You can click on the picture to enlarge it... And since it is a web-cam, you might see us putting the mast on, right there! Spring is here! Enjoy... Attjo (sneeze!)