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Friday, April 04, 2008

Yarn and knitting thoughts and some OT

It is a horrid picture of me. But that captures how I feel. Pneumonia and antibiotics. Away from the work, and back - now all is delayed. I really tried to conquer my hate to formal methods in research by at least attempting the course on program analysis (you know fix-point theory and such).. sounds great, but as my lovely supportive husband puts it... even my brain get an allergy reaction to it. Well, it is typical me. I attempt what is harderst for me, instead of just using my skills. And - in a whif - it is spring - meaning. Sailingboat must be uncovered, cleaned and painted - garden must get rid of old stuff, and appletrees pruned.. And now! Weed before it is too late. So, what to do when the world is "crumbling down"? Easy answer! Knit! So Im floating on my lovely Poetry of Stitches - Wedding cardigan... reaching the neck - or should it be a bit longer? Wipping away on the Birch-scarf for Aunt Viola, and my socks yah, they are not my fav. I must visit the frogpond, and I hate it. Plus side is: My bald boss I knitted hats for - actually bought me a load of Lindt 85% Choclate. Yummy. An act of hope. Another one is Internet. I sure have ordered yarn! and books. So Stahmans Shawlbook, and Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting finally landed in the overfilled Knitting library. And I and Jamieson & Smith Woolbrokers have started a love-affair. I have already ordered 3 sweaters for that great Alice Starmore book I recieved - Scottish Collection, which is such a gem. Luskentyre already casted on. Cold Duck cardigan and Catriona on its way. Then I decided to go more for my own yarn-mixes. So - you see - when I talk about yarn my brain works fine! It also sounded promising that my dear mom chased down more yarn from Gunga Din, to finish the wedding cardigan...So dear bloggers. Sorry for skipping a weekend. I will be back with a vengance... and lots of pictures! And - yeah I do spin. I just have not spun for awhile. I just have soo much to knit. But this looks really good. So there is hope! Lots of hope!