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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonderful KnitNation in London and FO: Leyfi-Löv

The wonderful limescarf over the fleece was a gift (as one of the books) of the wonderful knittingfriends from the world of Ravelry. London (and KnitNation) was in summary great! Knitting, yarnsales, books and long walks and meeting dear friends! In any case I have been working pretty hard on the thesis - almost there.... and then knitting and training so little time for anything.
But managed to finish Leyfi - Löf, leaf - that I started in February with the nick-name "I want spring NOW"... in July that is so wrong. But nevertheless, today the winds are shaking the cherry trees....and I need to water the plants.... of course posing ;-) I actually hold 4 yarns together, alpaca, silk, and Mimi from Warp&Weft in yellow, and another silk thread with bobbles handdyed by Ann - Anntorps Väv. Warm. Wonderful lacey. Well life goes on for us, but it is just horrid what happened in Norway. Poor kids! We should just be happy with every day on this earth! Love, Peace and Understanding to the world.