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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Titlefield blocked? Wow, talk about bug - of course, that is my profession (to find them ;-)

This is an OT message: Chennai, India!
After a long flight and only some rows of Lotus Blossom Tank (IK06) I arrived to Chennai, southwest of in India. Since it was mostly work work - it was hard to steal pictures at daytime. But, pictures from taxi describes a different life than mine. In short words, India looks like a great construction-site. With high-rises next to sheds. Roads in construction. Im happy that things are improving. And that companies like mine pour in money and jobs there. And they are all so kind. A great pleasure. What is not the pleasure is the food poisining that hit me on the taxi-drive to the airport. Exploding in both ends and trying to wait in endless lines for enterence, security, immigrations and passports. The famous "Delly-Belly". I counted my thow-ups to 12, and I was glad it was a nightflight with aisle seat, all sleeping but me - no lines to toilets. So, detailed enough... Im slowly recovering. Knitting? no not much. But at home the very expensive DHL-package of Kochoran nr 10 was waiting. And a new Knitters Magazine. Anyhow, no sight of yarn (but I had really no time to hunt). And - I have a Stash Beyond Life Expectancy! No, Im going to knitaway on the very wintery Kochoran Sweater. Maybe pockets. And tomorrow it is off to London for last weeks conference before summer holiday!
I always end up with yarn there. It is a must. Lets see. How will I have time to get to Stash, Liberty and that new one I have not been to, Posh? hmm... Take care dolls - gottago again....