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Monday, March 24, 2008

Old FO's Faroese shawl and Twinni gloves and set!

This is the first gloves I knitted in the danish yarn Twinni (Marianne Ishager) it was on needles size 2mm. Improved pattern. Golden rings around the fingers, and ready made red nails. Lace eding. I have done many hats before, so this was done with the rest of the yarn. I do not know why I never attempted gloves before, since it is really not that difficult. I guess I just did sweaters mainly. Anyhow, this was a rather fun project, that made me convert into tiny needles. Unfortunately I found them a bit chewed on by some bugs, so I have mended them. Not too bad though, but since I had not many cm yarn left, it was a bit of a challenge.Holding an easter egg done in the 90s in stoneware (by me). It is really a box. It has some goldplating on top, and since we played with the photo this easter, I thought it was fitting to wish you a good remainder of Easter with it. And unfortenately - not filled with candy! In the Background are my Hoyacollection now infested with bugs (sköldlöss!) Pyretheum - best cure, but still a lot of work. Anyhow. I promised I show my Faroese shawl. It is also an "old" Finished Object. Done in Snaeldan yarn from Faroe-islands (and Falkland-islands! - to get the best Quality!) That is what I call an Island mix. Knitted on a course for Osva Olsen. So dear Stickigt, At least I have one entry in the Faroese KAL. Now it is time for the second one! But just too many WIP's to finish first. A lot of knitting photos can be found in Flickr - see garngamen! But mostly you find me in Ravelry! The knitting community where we all want to be.