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Friday, June 13, 2008

FO- Clover - Juni Socks

Finished with the Clover socks for June entry in StickaMera Sockklubb (Swedish KAL).. Feels good, fun long cuff, and great yarn: Cotton Wool from Gepard. 50% cotton and 50% merino wool. A fab pattern. And - I do have a bought sock with the similar lace pattern... but still, very enjoyable. And - I challenged myself. I have done these in a week. But it feels so good. I think I could have made them just a bit wider in the cuff (that is what extra weight means for your legs).. and I could have made them tighter around the wrist... I just GOT to trust my instincts next time. But still, I have a good feeling about them. Now I only need to finish the april socks, and Im back on track. But I long for finishing my sweaters. Also, I need to prepare a long and difficult knit for my US travel. But there are weeks until then. And still much work to do. But this was at least a bit "ahead" of my usual week posting. I learned somthing with this picture. Front sock should be a bit back - so you see two fronts instead of two heels..... Life - and knitting - is a learning adventure.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

FO- Seduction Socks

Dirty socks in Rhododendron.... Yepp, I used them ;-) and they are already a bit "saggy"... They are Seduction Socks (Interweave Knits by - Ann Budd!) for StickaMera SockKlubb (KAL -May entry) are a fab pattern. Really fun, easy and fast to knit. The yarn is Opal Cotton. Very jeans colour, soft and - already a hit! I wish I had done the cuff a bit longer, but the next pair :-) Since it is cotton, Im glad Im doing them a bit on the big side, so the will "shrink" perfectly to fit. A hate too tight socks. They got to be just right! The garden is in a week turning from a blooming paradise into a brown place torched place (the heat- the heat, it is so unusual... it is 3-4 weeks AHEAD of normal summer!) Roses are from bud to past tense in a day. Peonies are on speed. Im like a big piece of dough of heat, and fantastic eating (including sweet swedish strawberries with gream and choclate cake.....) and also because Im filled with great memories from Länsmansgården in Sunne, big family gathering (husbands), with more good food, and then on the way back, we were using my great Lic-present - a dinner at Frank's in Västerås. So, today and now, Im slouching inside the house. Yepp, I found this Iris in bloom. Got to save some of the delicate garden flowers. Otherwise Im just working hard on all the great socks in the SockKlubb (KAL) from StickaMera. Have started June sock Clover.. great intrecate pattern of lace and some simple cables. This time I did a loooong cuff. Ok, so Im still behind in the KAL. I have not done April's socks, the Slippery socks, that I unfortunately chose Noro Sock yarn Kureyon for. I almost regret that choice. A more "spongy" yarn would probably be better. It feels like all the hard work does not show. It is SO slow....But Clover is fun, so June will be done before for sure. So, Im a happy gal. Summer is when Swedes get all their life back so when the winter comes - we will survive anything. Busy is the word.
Take care!