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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sydney - 17541 steps today!

A room with a view! It is a city that I have not understood until today. It has the beautiful Operahouse by a Dane ;-) and also Chinta Ria have found its way here (our fav Melbourne dining place). C.R. have here a larger "but not as rich with octopus" Curry Laksa as in Melbourne. But that started the meltdown of my heart. You see, I have always thought the Sydney city to be too much traffic, high rises, and a absence of resturants in the centre. Today we took the ferry (see big white one in view from room) to Watson´s Bay, and had a hot walk to Rose Bay along sandy beaches, cliffs, and the best location up-scale housing area. Wow. A lot of climbs up and down - since here the waterfront is not always protected. This area won me over. Great sandy beaches, and not at all full of traffic pollution. Ok. I have planned a quick visit to a yarn shop tomorrow. We will see if it measures up ;-), but I like Sydney much more now than in my memory (of course not as great as Melbourne). Anyhow, I'm still a bit annoyed I went too "blend" on the colours of the Merino, Alpaca and Possum yarn from Naturally. I could have had some ball of red - that would have done it. Or lilac. Bummer. Why oh why! I guess I will have to send my Melbourne friends on a yarn hunt. Ok, I have started... and sorry for the fuzzy picture. I have no idea what I'm going to make of it. A sweater, maybe a sort of fair-ilse...? It is filling and warm, and oh so soft. Great to knit with. Inspiration will come. Before this, I also started a sock from the Winter Knitty 2008, but realized I had not printed the entire pattern, so I have got "toe up" half way. Anyhow - We are heading to the Blue Mountains tomorrow - to get another good walk before hitting the Gold Coast. I hope to hit some more yarnshops, but I suspect wool will be harder to find up in the heat. Just for the sake of it - some more pictures from the wonderful rainforest down at the Great Ocean Road. Those tree ferns are truely amazing. BTW - I finished the Crochet top ;-) Still have a half ball (as planned) for the flying home (sleeves) but it will remain a top for this trip. Pictures will come. Promise!