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Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Bohus..and knitting chats

It is soft, cuddly and waiting to get done, The Bohus Wildapple is slowly growing on the needles. But some nights I have worked myself so late it is hard to get to sleep, then I dig into my "good night" knitting. I have finally finished August summer top in Domino squares. Well, I was not overly happy about the cutting, but the thick cotton was a soft delight to knit in (Blue Sky). Finishing immediately made me start a "quick-knit" in my secret desire to get rid of all bulky yarn. This is Point 5 from Colinette and Im almost done with the sleeves. Makes me tired for bed and is a good extra to the very thin needle Bohus. Next week and weekend is Budapest. Interesting, that the first thing you think about is "what knit I should bring" that works on the plane! Bulky - is .... to bulky. And thin needles are "weapons"... so wooden needles mid size. Anything I can finish? Hmmm...Also thinking about another Quick-knit in semi-bulky, the Maya yarn - and a west. I have started to like wests. Which is interesting turn of taste. Very practical at work, when you need the business suit on the west is easily snuch unterneath!

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teresa said...

Åh, vad vackert! Jag ser att du stickar Bohusstickning - det är något jag också vill göra, kan bara inte bestämma om jag ska köpa en dyr sticksats eller försöka hitta annat garn. Gillar inte riktigt "håriga" garner som angora, men ska det bli Bohusstickning så borde man väl. Vad stickar du av??