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Sunday, November 14, 2010

OT- Ceramic Tile making to our Kitchen!

I am not talking about knitting today. My "other" hobby is ceramics. I perfer throwing on the wheel, but when I got great companionship in the cellar by dearest husband, we took on the challenge. This first picture shows the bisquewear, meaning in front in the piles are the the tiles that have been fired once. Behind, with a slighter grayer teint is dry clay, ready and waiting for the same fireing process. But the oven is still full, and very hot. I have been waiting all day for the temprature to go down - if you open the oven too soon, the glaze might crack in thread-thin cracks. And we do not want that right?! So below are two pictures taken with and without flash of the first glaze- trial. We got so exited about it, and you can see the gray (which really is the same - just different light) in the back on the wood. It shows more clearly in the flash picture... But we think this will be beautiful in our new and wonderful kitchen. Unfortunately we had yet another set-back with the benchtops, but hope we get them in time now, so we do get a kitchen before christmas. We are getting so tired of this situation. So - honestly, there is not much knitting going on. I thought I was done with a scarf, but spotted a mistake half way through - so I am now frogging it back. Well - this is life. One step forward, one back... I hope it will be three steps forward next time.