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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Budapest - Yarn - and progress on UFO revived (1)

Budapest, great vacation and bad yarn! The Donahue is slowly passing the castle, and in the "blue hour" we had wonderful long walks in the rain-misted city. Anyhow, the yarnchase were particularly "bad". Try google "yarn" and "Budapest", you see what I mean ;-) Oh, yes there exists some brave souls, but I must admit, Im a yarn "conosseaur", so it got to have some thrill. Somehow, big acrylic balls, or "plastic glittery" eye-lash yarn does do it for me. Bead shopping looked great though. Anyhow, this one Buberék, is on just one parallell street up the shopping street. Going from square towards the Market (but do not cross under the big street). Take left and then right. Should be there on your right (if remember right). Well, I brought with me an old UFO, my grey Jaeger Aran sweater, that I have knitted TWICE (since the first was according to pattern, and Im not build according to any Rowan/jaeger pattern). Yes they have gotten better now.. which I used a pattern as suggestion for cast-on. The pattern is my own. I just invented this long cables to make my figure a bit elongated. The problem (why it became an UFO) was that I did not know how to finish it in the front. So suddenly I just did it. It is , supposed to have sleeves, and I definitely have yarn for it (still haven not ripped the small size) and Im contenplating either knitting them from shoulder down or both back and forth at the same time. Im rather pleased, and it was great to have under the jacket. Here Im posing outside the Museum of Applied Arts on the road Ulloi, which actually have some yarnshops (and bead shops) not long from museum towards city (on both sides of the road).. Applied Arts showed a textile exhibition, that had only one (!) knitted sweater, and not as exiting as I would expect. Some few things were good. Most were "what should I do with this sample". The great exhibition was Art noveau glass, both Tiffany, but most my favourite Ernst Gallei (hmm, sorry if i spelled that wrong)... with his fantastic flowers, beetles and snails on leafs, landscapes and this glass in great colours. Why do they not do this anymore? It is a class of its own. Much more exiting than most glassworks of today. I guess people do not have skill or patience. In addition there was Kelim's (if you are not an expert, it is just rug's) and ceramics from the 1600 which was somewhat exiting. Anyhow, more on Budapest soon.

PS. How did I do Domino? Just as normal squares. A square is simple. Cast on an uneven number of stiches. purl back. knit and the middle three together (I think it is ssk2tog and slip the slipped back over) knit and always end with purl, and first stich is lift knitwise. Purl back not together) the on knit side, make 3tog, etc...automatically you end up with the last only stitch. pull thread through. The trick is to always cast on the same, and then pick up from the next squares one side, have a middle free, and then pick up the next from anothre square. You will figure it out.

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HPNY Knits said...

this is a great vest. very nice fit and give a good line. sometimes a sweater is just too bulky.

you have been travelling so much. wow.