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Saturday, November 03, 2007

First Snow! Wildapple progress!

Here the first snow falled tonight - while I was upp working on the last rows of the collar to the Bohus Wildapple. Im om 65 and it is 71 rows before "motorway knitting" begins. Hubby through one row took 5 minutes, but more than 450 stiches, and 2-4 colours, definitely takes 30-40 minutes, depending on how concentrated I am. Im explaining it is more about knitting beautiful, than fast. All stiches should be just the right tension, and the floatings on the back should be just right to create elasticity, but not become to loose. But you know this of course.
I have packed two big plastic bags of yarn for mom and her knitting cafe. And again Im making a plead to knit warm sweaters for a Latvian day-care center for Youths (10-15 years). Mom want to give them all a sweater for Christmas. I should get into Christmas knitting. But the apple is so beautiful. Need to start Violas Birch - shawl.

Friday, November 02, 2007

ECF for All Saints Night!

Oh summertime. I still cherish the memory.
It is from Gotland. And at all saints night, you should remember the dead. I dedicate this to three really close persons that past away. My father, the story-teller. The architect, the card gamlbler, that loved his dog Felix. And Alf, my uncle, that helped me more in life than anyone can believe - he saved me. The Gestalt guru, the angel, the giver. Gotland is your place. For you- peace. And finally my friend Johan. The silver miner, the trivial pursuit winner, the guitar-player, the fun and safe man. The Tolkien-fan. I miss you. And it is so great to cry. The best cleaning in the world for the soul. Bless you all out there! This is life.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is the collection of 6 beanies.. Multi-size, soft and cozy, and in many colours. Mostly Colinette one zero, but two others yarns as well. Lets look at them one by one! (the ones you have not seen!) The bright blue Jay to the right. My happy colour! If was a fun knit, such a quick knit. Not more than one and a half hour. How exiting. It regained my knitting spirit. I just found my Maya yarn. Thick and in beautiful colours. Anyhow, it is just exiting, to knit - and Im drowned in the Bohus Wildapple. Great progress. It is slow with four colours and more than 450 stiches... but ahh so beautiful. Anyhow, back to the head-pieces! They all have a hole in the tip, to hang up next to the jacuzzi. Soft to fit snuggly to my bald boss ;-)
And this. with the brown blob. Together with the ladylike pink. It looks good Nice multicolour. Looks great on.