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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just progress... going slow!

In Noro sock yarn again..., Im doing the oak leaf socks for the StickaMera KAL. Slow, so slow. But it was not that hard when I finally sat down and actually read the piece with some glasses on (hmm), row by row. Now it feels better. Yes dear Sue, the shawl "Noro hugs me" from last week is a huge long "rectangle". Great to wrap several turns around any cold bodypart. I have been a bit chilly, the cold is still not really ok. This summer passed too fast. Already chill in the air. Im knitting on several things, the Starmore Luskentyre has now just got there sleeve steeks casted on, but the colour is so spring, but a fun, slow intelligent knit. The Bohus Wild Apple has got some new rows, and has "just the right colours" but feels increadible boring compared to the good fair-isle. Then I have some new rows and beads on the lace top... it more and more reminds me of the sea, and now I have added glass beads that will glitter. The sea-spray when the waves break with be the lighter ball of yarn (not in the picture.) Now, that will also take a long time since I realized how fun it was with beads, and the lace goes slow. But a perfect knit for airplanes - durable and in large bamboo needles, it is great to use. Of course this piece is really my own pattern. This is on the first ball of Colinette yarn Parisienne, and I have only one other in the same colour. Then a much lighter version. So in three balls, a very lacy beaded top to put "on top" of a blouse. It will be fun. Having surrounded myself in my yarnroom, I have now matched yarn and pattern from both books and magazines. I have also great plans for the 2 odd balls of Cashlana from Fleeceartist. These soft colourful yarns would be great with in a big pattern with a dark (black?) background. I hardly have any black yarn. So, finding a super quality merino with cashmere with the right thickness will be an adventure. And pattern. Maybe a west. Well. I love the yarn dreams. These designing dreams keep me occupied, and are great to fall to sleep with. Take care out there!