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Saturday, March 05, 2011

COM finished. Getting into WIP-wrestling!

Cast On Mania is finished. What a grand finale. Using 4 yarns together to make Löv or Leyfi that the original pattern is called. It is a top down sweater, and is already a fun knit. it is alpacka and silk, and merino and tussah-silk blend (Mimi) and then some wonderful Nikolaj yarn.... And the "just casted on" turtleneck sweater. I have no idea what it will be. You can tell the yarn is yummy. It is Handmaiden Cashbah. You can tell that I was pretty tired casting it on, it is bearly the first row! The finally thing is the Sock enabling - The StickaMera SockKlubb February pattern Maeva. I also started on Ewa (March pattern), but somehow missed the picture. Anyhow. This concludes the Cast On Mania for February - and now it is really focus on Work In Progress -knitting to get those 100 down to 0. The first was of course really easy to knit, but somehow the first sharp snow make me look older and flabbyer then ever. Anyhow - it is a headband to keep my brain in place. Necessary after this COM period. It is matching the braid sweater. And is actually very cosy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soon on the end of Cast On Mania - February!

Let us start with yesterdays Cast On. I started on a pair of Mittens (Swe. Kragvantar) on the right. The yarn is homespun (not by me) from a mohair goat/wool blend - almost as thick as "lovikka". I did them in only 5 hours. No pattern, but just plain - try it on on adjust. It is a set in thumb on the side (V-shape). Now I plan to put some embellishments on it to practice my embroyderi-skills. Below - the Orange mitts, is almost cheating, since I already have knitted the cuffs with glass beads. But I never used them. And thought I would try out a pattern from the Estonian mitten book. Doing it with these small yarn balls just for fun. Love it. I think it will be working better like these. Below - you have seen it before. The Punkt Fem cardigan. That now - with some afterthought - will be a vest. I was lucky enought to find more yarn at Ann-Torp's Väv of this "sale" yarn - Colinette point five - in the Cobbar Beach colourway. But - It really goes to tell that time does mess up things. The new yarn is MUCH thicker, much more blue - and is just not the same. It would have looked ridiculus. I already knitted one sleeve before I realized it just will not be flattering. So, I am thinking my old, rather "crafty" buttons I made would fit just fine here. Since I did not do any button holes, I am still thinking if I do "military style". You know. Two buttons and a band between.. or if I just should "force myself" through (which would also be possible in this very large stitches type..)Now I must be honest. I am still stuck - and that is the ONLY reason for you not seing this finished today. All ends darned in. Somehow I think it will work. But will it be an "asset" with the buttons? Or will the entire thing just look very home-made? I am not sure. But it is practical. A vest that is. So - on demand - I did a "green" vest for Stacey - my US-sister from back when I was an exchange student in Fresno, California. I met her again now this November. She is still so nice.
She waited for me in the yarnshop while I squeezed everything. Well - I think this will be a warm, not to dull vest. I hope it will fit! But it is hard to knit for San Fransisco. It is windy, but not really cold. At least the wool breathes! An interesting month. Not so easy this time to invent new knits. Maybe I am just to pre-occupied with writing my thesis. And the winter is still holding its grip, even if the current mild weather gets the birds starting to practice their spring-welcoming songs.