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Friday, November 02, 2007

ECF for All Saints Night!

Oh summertime. I still cherish the memory.
It is from Gotland. And at all saints night, you should remember the dead. I dedicate this to three really close persons that past away. My father, the story-teller. The architect, the card gamlbler, that loved his dog Felix. And Alf, my uncle, that helped me more in life than anyone can believe - he saved me. The Gestalt guru, the angel, the giver. Gotland is your place. For you- peace. And finally my friend Johan. The silver miner, the trivial pursuit winner, the guitar-player, the fun and safe man. The Tolkien-fan. I miss you. And it is so great to cry. The best cleaning in the world for the soul. Bless you all out there! This is life.

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