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Friday, November 04, 2005

Yarnfest at Syfestivalen or confessions of a yarnoholic

So, I sneaked off to be early attender to the yarn.. no sewing festival (duh!) .But, It was already filled to the brim, and first people I met was Maria G in her wonderful 1st machineknitted sweater and cute hair, and Tanja in a great white knitted tight mohair sweater. Wow, they looked smashing. So, I indulged myself with Solsilkes new Bohusknitted "grå dimman" Grey mist! should have been green mist, since the grey was very greenish. It will be perfect for hubby. Had a long hard look at the red palm and sago palm but pink... I feel BLACK. So a bought a little yellow cortina complement for my lovelys machineknitted sweater- that are still on the needels (dark green).

Anyway. That was after doing another 400 g Villa (wool in finish) in three-twined yarn "Sysky" which means autumn (also in Finish). This from Svalan (Åland). So, now I have 800 grams - a sweater for hubby.
Looks very close to the Noroyarn I have in the sweater above.

And Nysta, what a display. Wonderful as ususal, but managed to hold on to my money again. And over to Britt, which with the volounteers, Helen and Karin made a pleasurable visit. Finally I bought my 3 Alfa yarn from Sandnes (a thick wool yarn), where I already have all greays and black... The Turquoise I now bought will be the dot over the I. At my second visit Marika (Stickigt) had just arrived, really going for the Candy Kid Silk Haze. Yummmm....

So, Ullomera had my yarn from Estonia (Great price, 45kr/hg which I bought in Tartu for 18kr/hg... on the otherhand, fansastic yarn, and Tartu is not a short trip ;-) "just to complement" my stash. It is what is used in the curcular garden...

And, finally, Naturgarn - which has a secret - not only great alpacka, but their white woolyarn 16/2 great for colouring. A wonderful quality. Their wool yarn is better than one can imagine.