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Saturday, October 20, 2007

TIme to get into knitcleaning!

Korea fashion is really great knitting. I like that! Then I browse around my "knit-corner" inspired by Zoe's neat and tidy place and realize that my intestive week-program has a prize. - It is a knitmess. So Not only am I taking on my very warm and great sweater, and having som Stach Enhancement eXperience at a few of the LYS, Im going to clean this mess. Clean on the outside, makes inside better. It is a beautiful day, cold and crisp, and time to pick the last apples... Im conteplating CABELS, it seams like all is now CABLES and fair-isle. Anyhow, Im a bit stuck on order in knit-mess. Finish august summer top (and take a pic)... ok. That would be a first choice. Then Wildapple or Lotus tank top. Now, now it is break for 6 caps! And Im longing for A QUICK KNIT! When I looked through the mess for cap-yarn I realized I had some great Maya yarn. It screamed to me. "knit me.... knit me". And Im packing a big "charity bag" of yarn and posting to my mum! That is strange. I thought I could never part from a thread. Well, Cronicals are hacking on!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hyvää- from Korea to Finland...

Knitted pants? And a top in black jeans? The latest Korea fashion, would have been nice now, when the fall sweaps in like a frosty hug over the fantastic leafs. It is dark, and only in the sky I see the sun. I have had a strange experience this week. One of my blind spots in life is when people are mean, I mean, really deliberate sadistic to me over a long period. This time I just started to cry. Then I finally saw what was happening, and I just feel so sorry for that poor person that must attack me so personally. Anyhow, from a magic corner I re-gained my strength, honestly proud for being able to clarify the situation. Re-strenghtened I prepared my course and now I have worked two full day and nights. Anyhow Nights rhyms with tights. And I really had success. so Im a happy person again. This is life. Ups and downs. I wonder why I have not knitted any thights to myself. I must. No pics from Finland, but definitely you need a cute little Robot from Robotshop Robot & Robot in Korea. I need to un-Robot myself. Tomorrow is YARNSHOPPING. Im going to do 6 caps for boss. He is bald and he complains of the frosty winds when snuggling in his Jacuzzi. Take care!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seuol, Bohus and IK Lotus Tank top...

So last weekend Bohus had some progress. But again another research paper is done. Fingers occupited. Sigh,.. and my nose is still dripping. Do not feel sorry for me. It is just inner crying. Crying that I cannot knit enough (or fix my home, and kiss my hubby enough). Anyhow, I do not balance. Im 100% all the time everywhere until I get sick, and if people are unfriendly I get sad.... Better to cry, when getting hurt. Anyhow, deer Bohus is on steel needles and watch out for row 21 (was it?) I have reknitted it 3 times. First I counted 6, then I counted 5, third time right, it is 6 then 5 then 6..... hmm. Need glasses ON. Not just HAVE them. Anyhow, how much I longed for taking it with me the Wildapple is not the knit to sneak through airport-radar on steel needles. So, instead I took my very flyable bamboo-travel-knit-will-last-forever IK knit Lotus Blossom Tank. Im knitting it in Babyalpacka and Silk from Du Store Alpakka in seagreen-blue. It is becoming heavy, and it is slow knitting. One section of the lotus lace pattern for a trip to China, one back, one to Seuol and one back, and then I just had one more, so I have been in knitting-coma. Now Im off the lace pattern and on to "motorway knitting"...Great companion on the plane. I have of course plans to use all yarn and make some sleeves to it, instead of a bear top. Im living in Sweden, not California. Already frost and geraniums and Dahlias have to go inside for winter sleep. And I wish I was at Stiches meeting you! Next year. I promise, next year.... But I will definitely get to US first. That is a plan. Anyhow, Seuol. What can I say about that wonderful summery, clean and fantasticly interesting place. I mix of China, Japan well, you base judgement on earlier experiences. Korea was great. Clean, polite, lost of fun stuff. And I was at the COEX hotel, conference and definitely had one evening at the mall. And By painting needles and yarn ball on a piece of paper, I succeeded to explain the the girls in the book shop that I was looking for THIS: What a treasure. Do not understand a word, but great pics. Very lacy, very fashion, and a lot of weird and fun stuff. I settled for these three. Unfortunately I had so much work, so much Jet-lag (7 hours from Sweden) that I was awake weird night time again. So it was early to bed and not too much chasing yarn in the only evening I had. Anyhow, It was a short trip 2 working days, I spoke, I got offered a job (always good for confidence), and I have a looong meeting. It feels great to be back. And VK is really calling itself VK. That is weird. But a great new number. The S*rmore cardi looked great. But what now. Finish domino-knit (not more than one hour, but that is a COLD top! Or Motorway the Lotus to finish. Or back to Bohus? This week is a trip to Jorvas, Finland. And I know some yarnshops in Helsinki, but usually it is work to 5, so no time for yarnshopping. And, Im trying to cut down. I do have a filled yarn-room. Anyhow, Mom is doing a "Save the Children" knit-cafe (she IS amazing) to try and knit sweaters (and caps and mittens) for christmas presents to all children at Day-care center (9-13 year olds, very skinny) in Lithuania. So I better help her. At least a few should be possible. Warm, soft and happy colours is the order. So, time to stop the shelfish knits for awhile. Christmas is coming fast. And I also promised a Birch shawl for my Aunt - in Blue. Time to start NOW! But I want to do my Sweater a month KAL". So it is getting stressful. Time to knit some more. Hugs out there! Im fine! Sick, but great. I can be such a martyr sometimes. It is hereditary ;-) But it is great to get some sympathy... even martyrs need it ;-)