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Sunday, March 28, 2010

FO-Garngamens Braid

Wonderful Noro Silk garden in my favurite colourscheme is finished. A typical garngamen sweater, invented on the fly, reknitted more than once, and finally from a very old UFO into working.. and I love it! I can tell I threw in the cables on sleeves and the front a bit late - to ease the fitting, but it did the trick. Also notice I have it on a bit slanted, but hey, I had to catch the last light of this weekend - busy as ever. Yes China was fab - forgot my camera, but my mobile pics needs some special work to get here, so "later". So - why am I so busy I cannot blog? I have been on a funeral - my mothers man for the last 22 years, have stopped feeding the wonderful birds. I got a picture of Mr Woodpeckar (or is it Miss?) and also a wonderful quick snapshot (sorry for poor quality) of my dear cousins "OS-cap". Remarkable. He just got all info from the web - and just did it. He is really smart. He told me that the ladies in the shop really gave him a stare.. The story going like this....He just liked it - and he needed a cap... so he went to the yarnstor (I think it was Yll and Tyll, Uppsala) and asked for the OS-hat pattern yarn and hook. He asked what a "luftmaska" was (rather basic)...The lady asked him if he knew how to crochet - which he did not. But there were many people in the store, she did not have time to teach him.. He explained not to worry, "how hard can it be?" walked home, and got all information from the web. That is pretty cool. He have now done two more (girlfr5end and his FIL), and also made a lining inside (in fleece) to handle the artic visit they are planning... Sweden "very up-north". He sure impressed both me, mom and hubby... And his mom also want one... I wonder if he gets hooked?? One can hope. Anyhow - the rest of the weekend has been painting the kitchen - it is a bit crazy in there - we are doing "flax-seed oil paining"- which really means doing it three times....So it is a slow process, but it will be so wonderful. Real wood-kitchen cabinet. Rare this days... I am so exited. But most of all - it is lack of space - so slowly it will get painted in the light clear grey...With the "dove-blue" walls it will magically become a blueish kitchen. Where the white is - that is where my home-made tiles will go - oh no, I have not even started them, but it will be a busy spring. Somehow I do feel very happy. A lot of exiting things going - and I LOVE wearing my new cardi. I mean - the colourscheme is just fab. I still have some yarn, so I am heavily discussing pockets, and collar. I am not sure.. It works fine as is, but it is very rewarding to have all the extra's and additions too. Ahh, I love the colour and comfort.