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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spinning, sockknitting...

Hi there! Sorry for being away, I did try to blog last weekend, but it all crasched on me. Working to much ;-) I actually picked up the spinning wheel and spun the last yarn, that quickly knitted the rest of the socks. I wear them, they are soft and comfortable. Of course all inspired by Interweave "Spin-off" magazine, who had a sock number. So, no, Im not resigning anything. Im a fighter. I worked on my paper until 2 in the morning every day. Anyhow, my birthday was nice, Hubby did breakfast so early, since I was off on the train to Linköping. An my collegues actually put a light in the choclate cake for me on the team evening dinner. Then, after all this wine, I still worked at my paper until 2. So, no wonder that two days later (wednesday) I was sick.. But a week in the hotel, speaking publicly so many times I forgot.... I cancelled the 25 year jubilee with my Masters University place. Rather depressing. That could have been fun. Anyhow, Im now pounding on "the next" science paper. Working like a dog. Work myself into a success. Anhow, Im tagged (Thank you dear Purl happenings) about 7 truths about me. Hmm. Easy!

  1. I have a cold right now!
  2. Im in love with nature - what a gift of comfort! A stroll in the garden. Treehugger!
  3. Im amazed with fiber can produce a wonderful warm piece of art to wear!
  4. I got to go to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton... Im such a Tolkien fan.
  5. Im a traveller because I love coming home. But I do not like to travel alone. I wish Hubby was around always.
  6. Im so on love with my Husband, and I find it hilarious he shares his first name with Dr. Cox in Scrubs (that we always watch as re-runs on saturday mornings) (who he is not at all alike, much more J.D) ok- truth - I watch way to much TV since I work and knit in front of it. Couch potato.
  7. I coughed so bad last nite I kept him up, and now I want his very special Caffe Latte with cinnamon and cardemum on the top, why can he not wake up?

Sorry for being SUCH a boring blogger. I hope to get some good new pictures on the Bohus Wildapple. I actually knitted on some centimiters. But it is like great choclate. I want to gulp it down, but it taste better in small pieces over time.


HPNY Knits said...

get well soon! you are working too hard- need some vacation!

Bloggers Bingo is a game where you get a card like in bingo with names of bloggers who are playing as a square (I am one) and you try to find them all in the festival. a fun way to meet online friends!
(going to London like we did last year, works as well...)

Knit-Marie said...

Stackars dig! Jättemycket tycksynd kommer här från mig. Krya på dig!

BertandFelix said...

Hope you are feeling better! You do need a little vacation. :)

Oh, and I do want to see that Wild Apple.

gail said...

Love the insights to your life. Work and play, how to balance?? Too much work is good if you love your work, bad if you prefer to play. I don't know that anyone has ever achieved the proper mixture!