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Sunday, December 06, 2009

FO- Twinkleberry Socks, and some progress

The wonderful Twinkleberry socks from Knitzi, in StickaMera's SockKAL is the december sock. Sticka Mera has competitions ongoing now before christmas (for swedish speakers). And I'm so behind this KAL, having put my energy into 12 sweaters (that might be 13 or 14).... But now I'm catching up. So, these socks were very nice and easy to knit. I followed the pattern "exactly" except the final grafting on the two - which I turned the sock inside out and did a 3 needle-bindoff on the inside to make it look perfect. I'm not sure I like the short-row heel, since it tends to be a bit "gap"s in the turns, how much you pull. The yarn is a wonderful gift from a visiting american "Castingaway", a fellow knitter and sailor. Of course her sailing boat is absolutely fab! Wow!The yarn equally fab. Thank you again! Handpainted in very nice greeing blue. The socks fits perfect. And I still have a lot of yarn left for two more socks. I'm so happy, today is the first day in THREE WEEKS, my throat is not hurting so bad, that every time I swallow - I feel like someone is cutting my throat with razorblades. So, now it is just the eyes that needs to clear up a bit - and cough to disappear. But at least I got some energy - to pick up a "three-weeks - I have the flu and I have done NOTHING"-mess... So, if you waiting for me - there is hope I will catch up on my "item-list" this week. The second picture is what I just started. A WARM wonderful Noro Kochoran cardi, pattern called "Windfell" from simply Noro. Mine will be in the same yarn as the picture, but with a little red edge. It is great, since it is based on 2009 years goal, that this year was to knit up all "bulky yarn". I still have some left - but this opend a great gap in my Billy book-self, and I want something warm to wrap around me. This final picture is the worst best thing (?) It is my EVERST in knitting... A speede sweater - on 1.5 mm needles. I realize I hardly can see the stitches, so just based on this - it will take some serious time! I plan of course to do my own speede - mixed pattern, based on a series of speede sweaters. We will see how this develop.
I'm so not sure if the yarn will last for the entire sweater and if I'm then to mix it with a nearby colour.... It is Twinny from Ishager - which is now obsolete yarn. Otherwise Im thinking if I actually Should do it short as the original. So - Im at a loss before starting. Otherwise, we are NOT getting a kitchen before Christmas - sigh. But we got the bedrooms back, so it is not THAT bad. Slowly we are trying to fix things up. Painting the radiators, and putting wardrobes together - and chasing old crystal lamps for the rooms. Take care out there - and send me a high on the comments, ok?