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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Stash. Book case nr 3. Mostly WOOL!

Sorry for being weird yesterday, yepp H. I was just tired and sleeping helps thanks. It is raining again, and I got a running nose (again). Synchronization. Anyhow, that big cardboard-box is filled with Quivit fleece. I got my manager to buy it for me on location. But, I do not feel like a confident spinner to dig into it yet, So the entire black-box on the right is fleece from merino and islandic wool and all sorts of collections. The top shelf is the yarn for Catherine Parr that that is my WIP right now. That will create a "temporary whole" but my guess is I will have enough for gloves, a hat, a scarf, and socks. Maybe also a bag and a Parr Ipod case ;-) Well, we see. The big white, is just 1 kg (2.2 pounds?!) plain two-threaded white wool, that could be dyed, but also could stay white. On the right (in a plastic bag) is the Färgkraft 2-threaded great hand-coloured yarn. I have a lot of thoughts for that, but I think a plain Aran or structured knit will look great.
Next picture has a "repeat" of the top (sorry, didn't think when I took the pictures.) But shelf below reveals more secrets. To the left is the yarn fo Bohus in plastic. It is definitely the Grey Mist, and Blue Shimmer. The whitish plastic bag with some pink in it reveils yet another Bohus pattern (from Karin Kahnlund) that got it exclusively (I think, I do not remeber its name)... Anyhow the yellow/limish is a bag of Gunga-Din yarn 2-threaded. I had a plan of doing a "plain" Guernsey out of it. But plain yellow is a bit sharp, it is not matured enough to be knitted just yet. Also 1 Kg (which seems to be my standard buy when I plan a sweater and do not know anything about lenght of yarn.) And to the right is the collected Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4Ply that is already out of order but still available and has a faboulus feel to it. Definitely the next fair-isle pattern will come from there. A lot of greens and blues and very little white and such. This next two shelfs are filled with goodies. From top left, 3 Alpaca big-wool, behind is some Anny Blatt green mohiar. The darker blie is Cashmere mix bought in Croatia (but from Italy), and the light blue is some weird fuzzy German novelty yarn. The grey all shades are Naturgarn's Alpacka Sport (1 kilo each. You can also find the yellow alpacka I plant-dyed myself on the bottom. The grey and yellow is for a "bubble-sweater". Then some thinner alpacka in lime (Denmark). On top some dark Jaeger Alpaka thin from London. These goes into mittens and to highlights in machine-knits. Topshelf to the right is Felted Tweed in my lime, that a have great plans for - I luve reading the Rowan Magazines over and over.
Bottom shelf I go from right to left. It makes sense. It is Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed in red about 15 hanks, and than 8 in blue and 8 in green. It is a very non-soft wool. I would call it harsh! But, I got a great magazine for just this yarn, most of it bought at a Yarn-sale at Fantasy (in Arvika). The left of that shelf is all Norvegian yarn. Norsk Kunstvevgarn, and Norweigan Spelsau. Im sure there is also Old-series and some other. Basically it is Mitten yarn for "Håndplagg" (author Heide Fossnäs). Just a fantastic book. Buy it for eye-candy and mitten inspiration. Thick and beautiful. The last two shelfs are PT2 (Per Tyving 2-thread wool), which I have lots of. Definitely planning to do Norsk Strikkedesigh or Poetry of Stiches patterns. The ribbed jacket, and some other pattern.. Also some Rauma Finull's yarn. Do not tell it all. But a lot. Last shelf is dedicated to Mojärv spinnery. It is all two-threaded yarn with a great colorscale, and honest yarn from North of Sweden (which do not have a blog - guess if they are missing out!). Here are a number of sweaters planned. You can actually spot a little color swatch on one of the patterns in the middle. Yepp, that is on my list and I will eventually decide. Now it is work again. Late night. Compensation for sleeping in.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weird existence - so OT but some knitting.

It is too late for the Swedish gnomes, and now they are gone. But the mittens are great on them. It fits with the winter storm (usually blizzards with snow and below freezing (0 C) now, a storm with a lot of wind and horizontal rain warm (5 to 8+ C)(for Sweden in January) not that we beat NY! Anyhow, work has a habit of piling up. Hubby ok again (Thanks) and all over creeps the winter-barfing virus. Im on my way to Marseille (see how this goes), more work all weekend, but definitely a friday nite at a hotel with my knitting. Decent girls do not go out in a sailor-town. Sorry - and pardon my french, but it is not as great as it was (huh, I know Im not funny - but constant Scrubs (Telly series) makes you weird!) I did half a row on the sub yesterday. But oh, Im so tired and I realize my time is not enough. So much work, so little time. Bought Knit simple! With a huge discussion trying to make patterns simple. Well, Im quite happy - when is the "knit complicated" coming out? Not today.
I would also like the magazing - Knit tired. (travesty of wired!) Im so tangled up! Ok, you get it? Too tired to blog. No blogging this weekend - just a short hold. Im here. And no time in Marseille for yarnshopping. Must plan holiday. Yarn-vulture hits US of A. Find me a pool. Fill it with yarn and swim. No, Im hallucinating now. I have enough. Time to hit the sack. (huh, not cool calm and collected at this blog). Knit the dreams. Dream the knits.