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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cast On Mania continues: 3rd week

This past week was really challenging...I had to dig deep to cast on - and frankly, some of the "strings" of sweaters is not really worth showing yet. Anyhow, some great surprises has been created. The most memorable from this week is Cornelia Tutte Hamilton's fantastic pattern "Gripsholm". It was simple, it was exiting, and fast. Two colours and magic happened. Wow - I loved it. Two Noro yarns (Cash Iroha and Kuyeron number 52). This is upper front left side (you can see the curve for the neck. Yummy! The Whisper in the Bog Cardigan is just the wonderful on very lightweight cardi, I named it after the yarn colour name "Tjärn" or bog. Since it is one-thread Softblend yarn from Färgkraft, and I have previous experience with it, I gave it a Silk Como 30 extra thread in coppar to enhance the colour, and make it just a tidbith more strenght. Another thing to think about is that with one-thread, you need to knit and purl evenly - otherise it will turn and twist the shape. So I am doing what we Swedish call the "bog-stitch" (ha- you get it right?) meaning "moss-stickning"... I am sure it has a better name, but I blogging after work, and my brain is already drained. Anyhow - That will be a perfect. Just need some more Como 30! The next two lovely's are both from the early fall Vouge magazine. I loved it! Lutz & Patmos design. Super duper cool! I did first the very cosy number three - in the softest yummiest Jaeger Shetland Aran yarn in light blue. And - I fell so in love with this pattern that I digged out the Lovikka yarn in Kampe's (bought at the "trailer" in Värmland) in grey. Both promising for great cardi's, The blue is the sleeve -and it will be a great oversized sweater with pockets. The grey is a cropped cardi on needles 10mm! and this is actually the back - and one ball of yarn. Very fun! So 4 of 7 in picture? My mind must be slipping. Yes - the camel hair as the essential camel cardi, and the Agnes fair-isle.... and of course the Festjakke - a Solveig Hisdal cardi-kit (on 2mm!) Well - I got to save some for the future.
Cast On Mania is on for a few days more! I am still casting on...Yeah - Today was Riddari in Lett-Lopi. Well, it is not much of a Cast on, it is a string....I am so looking forward in finishing these so fast!