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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Off-Topic (OT): Snow and winter at the house.....

OK - the way to walk to the door - the old "kitchen entrance on the back. This is when you realize it is a "soutterrain" house, from 1909. I promised my friends to put a picture up of my little heaven, and except the upper balkony (one can see the balcony floor as wood on the upper level, above the mid-level) is not ready yet. Still a lot of painting to do. We just had it and are waiting for the kitchen. The house looks pretty big from the drive-way - and yes, it is not small. A renovators dream, when we got it, and still a lot to do. We are very happy getting the roof painted this year. It is also a wonderful garden. When it is this snowy - The light is much better. Note that this pictures (all of them) are taken mid day. But it is on the darkest time of the year. And even if the garden picture is almost directly south, the sun does not really have the strength to be over the ridge of the very little hill. This is what swedish people refer to as "the blue hour". The shadows are not black, but blue! We are still making tiles, but have a hopeful promise that both the stone counter top (sorry - not bench-top) will be done - and all tiles and electricity before christmas. I love that. .We are running the installed dishwasher all the time - to fill up the packed kitchen - so it has almost felt like christmas - when finding stuff that has been "gone" for 3 years. I mean we did pack the kitchen down 3 years ago (or was it 4? I dear not think about it). We just HAD to put the curtains up in the kitchen and carry in the new kitchen sofa in place - and place my dear brother Johan Mauritzson's fantastic painting of horses - that I always loved in prime position. Yes - we are still painting the last trimmings, but it feels more hopeful than ever - of a Real Christmas this year. PS. You can really tell I am totally stalling on my knitting projects. They have been progressing (four are very active) and I hope I will get one done this week. It is intresting though, that the knitting that has progressed fastest is the one I commute to work in. That says something. It has been a lot of very slow traffic. It is wonderful!